Tower fans have been with us for years now, and its impact has been felt among people who use it in their offices and homes. But the Tower fans are not like your regular fan; its impact is better felt in a medium-size room apartment, but in a situation where the room is bigger, more tower fans will be needed to get a maximum impact. The type of technology used in the production of a tower fan is very similar to what you have in air conditioners – although not the same, they have matching similarities. But mind you, in terms of matching cooling power, air conditioners still beat the tower fan. One cannot exactly say the attributes of the best tower fan around; this is because technology is ever-changing.

Although most of these fans are manufactured using cutting edge technologies, you still need to consider the size of your room before making your choice. In a situation where you need a tower fan in the children’s room, it is advised that you go for the short tower fan. This is because children’s are fragile, and the amount of cold impact on their bodies must be moderated. Although you can still get a tower fan with heating and cooling features, that doesn’t mean you won’t you won’t moderate the speed for the sake of children.

What are Tower Fans

Tower fans are those parallel designed bladeless fans with a fast cooling feature. Tower fans come in two main types: long and short tower fans. Although the short tower fan has limited coverage, they still serve a particular purpose. One cannot rightly explain the concept of tower fans without referring to its progressive technology. The superiority of one tower fan against the other can be attributed to the type of technology used in it, more reason you get to see some tower fans that have more advanced technology fans than others.

For example, just like what is obtainable on most online tower fan reviews, there are some with special features like ionizers which helps in keeping a fresh breeze as the fan dispenses its air. There are also ones that can keep working even when lights are out. So, whether you are using a long or short tower fan, the technology that comes with it differentiates it from the others.

Top 5 Bestselling Tower Fans From Our List

Lasko Wind Curve Portable Electric Fan

This is one of the few best tower fans with ionizer; it measures 42.5 inches high, with a 13″ x 13″ footprint, meaning that it is a perfect size for a medium-sized office or residential apartment. This tower fan is specially designed with an energy-efficient technology that allows it to stay up to 0.5 – 7.5 hours.

Just like other tower fans with a remote, it comes with a powerful remote control that allows you to change the speed from the comfort of your bed or couch. Again, with other tower fan reviews, this one comes with a Blue Plug safety feature, meaning that you won’t have to be afraid of electricity surges. So, when next you are looking for the best tower fan with an ionizer with powerful features, make it the Lasko Wind Curve Portable Electric fan.

Honeywell White Comfort Control Tower Fan

Unlike those fans you see on many online tower fan reviews, the uniqueness of this one lies in its portability and lightweight. This means you can easily move it around from one side of the room to another without help.

Also, the LED electronic backlit allows you to see the information of the workings on the screen. You will get to which speed level the fan is presently on and other relevant indicators. This is not the usual fan with heating and cooling features, but its soundless nature and smooth plastic body make it really appealing to any user.

Vornado 184 Whole Room Air Circulator Tower Fan

This 41 inches, 9.7 lbs portable tower fan perfectly fits a medium-sized room. The soundless feature of this fan also makes it fit for people who wish to use it in their offices: you won’t have to worry about distracting sound.

The sleek-looking plastic body of the Vornado 184 Whole Room Air Circulator Tower Fan makes it even easier to clean. Like what is obtainable in most tower fan reviews, this fan can still be found in different sizes. But you still need to consider where you wish to use it; that way, you will be able to choose between a short tower fan or the long ones.

Honeywell Quiet Set Whole Room Tower Fan

The Honeywell Quiet Set Whole Room Tower Fan comes with a lightweight body mass, a sleek, smooth, plastic body, and a one-year warranty, even with an excellent cooling feature. It is also recommended to use residential accommodations because of the lower energy consumption rate.

The cooling feature is also pretty fast, so when looking for the best tower fan with the ability to cool the room within minutes yet comes with an energy-saving feature, look no further than the Honeywell Quiet Set Whole Room Tower Fan.

Honeywell QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan

With its powerful blades and adjustable thermostat, the Honeywell QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan-Black comes with a sturdy base that helps it resist external pressure. This means an ideal tower fan with a remote is recommended for the children’s room.

And coupled with its smooth, plastic sleek body, it is much easier to clean. This fan is also recommended for office use because of its noiseless performance, even when it dispenses cool, power air. By the way, the Honeywell QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan-Black comes in moderate sizes and is lightweight.

Buying Tips for the Best Tower Fans

If you like to have a vintage-looking home appliance that looks good in appearance yet gives you the best services, then you need the Lasko Wind Curve Portable Electric Fan. Below are some things you need to look at while buying this type of fan.

Noise Level

As powerful as the blades in this fan are, it doesn’t make a noticeable sound; all you will get to hear are just the normal sound of breeze gushing out of the dispatching air. But this only happens when you are close enough. But if you are a few steps away from it, it is absolute silence.


The fact, we listed this fan means it is reliable. It passed all the company quality tests and was certified safe to use.

Control and Features

It comes with a powerful remote that allows users to control it from the comfort of their rooms. It also comes with a 7.5-hour timer; the Blue Plug Patented safety fuse weighed 15.5 lbs.

Air Flow Capacity

This fan comes with a vented air basket that allows the free flow of air through the room. It also comes with an oscillating feature that allows the air to circulate. So, when going for this fan, you must check the airflow, ‘cos normally, it should be intense.


The body of this fan is made from both plastic and wood. Aside from the blade, everything else is plastic.


This fan is very much safe for use, and because it comes with a “Blue Plug Patented safety fuse technology”, it makes it even safer for use.

Why Should you Choose your Tower Fan Carefully?

Energy Saver

For the fact this is coming at a time when the world is clamouring for a more reserved, moderate energy consumption, the portable tower fans have finally come to save the day. It is designed using the most energy-efficient technology, and the best part is that most of them come with rechargeable batteries. So, suppose you want to minimize the cost of your electricity. In that case, you will have to consider going for a portable tower fan, especially the best tower fan with an ionizer.


Because most of these tower fans cover medium space rooms, choosing the one with aesthetic curves and bends has a way of beautifying the room. The style of the fan matter because if anything goes wrong with the design, it may also affect the interior design of the room where it is used.

Efficiency and Quality

The fan's efficiency is the main reason anybody should go for the fan in the first place. The efficiency of the fan is what dictates the quality. And to do that, you have to look out for the blades. This is because anything goes wrong with the blades; it affects the whole fan structure. Again, you should also look out for body thickness, especially for those who wish to have this fan in the children bedroom.

Benefits Of Using Tower Fans

There are many benefits attributed to using tower fans; we will have to list the obvious. Whether using a tower fan with heating and cooling or the traditional portable fan, make sure you consider the size. This is because the major advantage of using a portable fan is its portability. It means that this is the best way to preserve more space in your room while still getting g the amount of breeze you deserve.

Tower fans are lighter than the traditional standing fan, hence, very mobile compared to the standing fan, which is far heavier. So, with the right tower fan (especially the tower fan with remote), you can easily move it from one side of the room to another. Again, with the right tower fan, you won’t have to worry about dusty blades, ‘cos almost all of them come with a dust protector.

Maintaining a tower fan is easier than maintaining a ceiling fan or standing fan. First is the material used in manufacturing the body; because it is usually plastic, you can easily use a dry rag to clean the surface. Again, you won’t even bother cleaning the blade because it is strategically constructed inside the fan. You have to also note that you don’t need wet rags to clean your portable fans; this might let water penetrate the electrical parts, thus leading to shock or damage in the electrical components.


Tower fans remains one of the best innovations of 21st century, they have brought so much comfort into both our living space and offices. Nevertheless, you still have to understand that despite the efficiency of this fan, it cannot cover a large section of a room; it can only serve efficiently in a medium size apartment. But to get the full impact of this fan, you can still get two or more of it, depending on the size of the room in question. Again, with every fan you purchased, make sure you go through the user manual, it will help you with the whole set up.