Lasko T42952 Portable Electric 42″ Oscillating Tower Fan review

Lasko T42952 Portable Electric 42" Oscillating Tower Fan

Lasko Portable Electric 42" Oscillating Tower Fan with Nighttime Setting

Lasko T42952 Portable Electric 42" Oscillating Tower Fan

This article aims at evaluating one of the most powerful tower fans. It’s none other than the Lasko Portable Electric 42″ oscillating Tower fan. In the middle of the summer, this Lasko giant would be a very reliable ally to ward off the heat. Its oscillation helps in driving heat from all corners within a large room.

Is it hot and stuffy? Is the weather going for a climb up the double-figure on the thermometer? Are you restless or do you have a broken air conditioner? You might be going through all this and more, constantly pondering about a viable solution to these heated-up challenges. Then you are in luck.

Let’s take a look at what this Portable Electric 42″ oscillating tower fan has to offer.

Product Properties

ModelTower T42952
Oscillating degree rangeWidespread oscillation
Remote controlledYes
Noise level46 – 51 dB
Height42.5 inches tall
Number of speedThree speeds [H/M/L]

An overview of The Lasko Portable Electric 42″ Oscillating Tower Fan

This fan has been tuned up by engineers to provide the best of services a floor fan can give. Unlike the regular standing fan with its reputation in occupying space with its large head and pedestal base. Talkless of the noise it makes. This has put it at a disadvantage in terms of customer choices and has called for a better replacement. The upgrade of this 42″ oscillating fan has racked up its statistics even among Lasko Tower fan reviews.

The height of the fan makes it suitable to be placed in any corner of the bedroom without any furniture obstructing its cooling function. It is one among many cooling tower fans and it is sometimes mistaken for an air conditioner. It can be used in most indoor spaces. From bedrooms to living rooms and any other space that measures about 20×20 feet in size. It is equipped with components such as a Lasko wind curve platinum fan, remote control, and an owner’s manual for easy assembling. It is also user-friendly.

Features of The Lasko Portable Electric Oscillating Tower Fan

A 7.5-hour automatic off-timer

The hourly timer gradually alters the speed of the fan till it stops If you would like. This comes in handy in times when other things require your attention but you still need to adjust the fan to your preference. Nighttime is the ideal time for this setting.

Wide range of oscillating coverage

This ensures that the cool the fan provides reaches every corner of the room. Its wide oscillatory movement disperses the cool breeze to every corner, leaving no portion untouched.

Nighttime setting

When it’s late and you’re in bed, it is equipped with a nighttime mode. This mode, when activated, dims the control and speed of the blades. It also helps with white noise which aids sleep. The combination of the white noise and the dimming feature creates the ultimate sleeping experience. Are you thinking of a night without disruptions? Well, the quiet tower fan with a remote control answers your plight.

Multi-function remote control

Sit in one corner of the room and direct the flow of the cool however you please. Thanks to the handy remote control, the fan can be altered however you choose without having to move near it. One click from the remote sends the fan into high or low gear.

Pros & Cons



Benefits of the Lasko Portable Electric Oscillating Tower Fan

Ionized charges

When the fan blows, it releases ionized charges into the air. When this happens it interferes with undesirable particles like dust and causes them to drop to the ground. This helps to create a clean and cool atmosphere.

White Noise

It generates white noise which helps to make falling asleep easier. White noise helps to cancel out other discomforting noises to give you a therapeutic sleep. Thanks to the fan tower,  you’ll be eager to experience it over again.

Controllable Speed

It is designed to run at three different speeds depending on the preference of the user. It has high, medium, and low speeds depending on the temperature in the room.

Frequently Asked Questions

The 42″ oscillating fan is purely run by electricity. With its two-prong plug attached to a long cord, it is connected to an electrical outlet. The manufactured electrical power is about 53 watts. However, it operates at a lesser number at 42 watts without oscillating and 48 watts while oscillating.

The ion setting is negatively charged. To improve the air quality when a Lasko fan is being used, it releases negatively charged ionized particles to seek out positively charged ones. The positively charged ions could be in the form of dust, smoke, allergens, or gasses. They are rid of the air in contact with the negative ions leaving behind clean and healthier air.

Yes. Lasko fans are designed to work simultaneously with filters. Through a coordinated effort, they help to filter dust, pollen, smoke, and allergens from the air. The filters are in the form of standard pleated structures.

Conclusion and Recommendation

In conclusion, it can be viewed from the given benefits, pros, and cons that this 42″ oscillating tower fan, is an ally in fending off the heat in the hot season. The product itself exhibits characteristics that showcase the indirect services the Lasko brand intends to offer. For a cool, clean, clear, and healthier atmosphere, the Lasko Portable Electric 42″ Oscillating Tower Fan is the best bet.

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Lasko T42950 Portable Electric 42” Oscillating Review

The Lasko Product range offers products that help make comfortable living spaces. The brand takes pride in offering high-performing products that do not look out of sync with your home decor. As such, when considering a solution to hot weather and stuffy rooms, take a look at the Lasko Portable Electric 42” Oscillating Tower Fan.

When compared to other tower fans with similar features, this offers comfort at a very affordable price. This powerful tower fan from Lasko Products runs quietly with the purring of white noise to aid sleep. It is also quite durable as many products from the Lasko brand are.

In this article, you will see the specifications, the benefits, as well as the pros and cons of the Lasko Portable Electric 42” Oscillating Tower Fan.

Lasko Products Portable Electric 42" Oscillating Tower Fan

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Product Properties

Height41.81 in
OscillatingWidespread Oscillation
Number of Speeds3 speeds
Remote controlledYes
Noise level 

Overview of Lasko Portable Electric 42” Oscillating Tower Fan

The Lasko Products Portable Electric 42″Oscillating Fan is a portable fan that excellently cools a 20 x20 room. It can be used in residential and office spaces especially in places where there is no central air system. You would also find it useful if you need to help circulate the AC noiselessly around your apartment. 

Costing a little under $100, it is made of durable materials that are very easy to handle and carry. This powerful tall fan comes with a beautifully curved fan tower styled in wood grain and black that gives it a sleek vertical appearance. Standing at just 41.8 inches with a footing that covers just about 13 square inches, you can be assured of an elegant design that does not take up space in your room.

This fan ranks as the most powerful tower fan with a remote when compared with several others making it very easy to use.

Unique Features of the Lasko Portable Electric 42” Oscillating Tower Fan

Some interesting features of this tower fan include;

An electronic timer

This fan comes with an electronic timer that helps regulate the coolness you get. Depending on your preference, you could also adjust the timer manually to anywhere from 0.5 to 7.5 hours interval. You would find this setting especially useful at night.

A wide oscillation Range

The widespread oscillation range allows smooth circulation within the living space. Oscillation on this fan is very low and optional with the advantage that it could be easily adjusted or turned off using the remote.

Remote control

A feature of this fan is that it comes with a handy remote control for convenience. Using the remote, you could easily make adjustments to the oscillation range of the fan at your convenience.

3 quiet speeds

The fan creates a powerful breeze that can be regulated on 3 speeds; High, Medium, and Low (H/M/L). Even at the highest speed, the fan still operates quietly enough for you to hear the TV

Fresh air ionizer

Not just that the fan circulates air in the room, this is one of the few cooling tower fans that come with built-in ionizers. The ionizer works to release fresh air into the room and reduce allergies by bonding with positively charged particles such as pollens and dust.

Benefits of using the Lasko Portable Electric 42” Oscillating Tower Fan

It is portable

The tall and slender design of this tower fan makes it fit easily into smaller spaces that regular fans would otherwise not fit into without compromising on good air circulation. It is made of plastic with a built-in handle making it lightweight and easy to move.

Low noise

The Lasko Portable Electric 42” Oscillating Tower Fans are renown for generating low noise while oscillating making it the best oscillating tower fan. Instead, it gives off white noise that can help lull to sleep, unlike conventional fan motors that would serve as disturbances.

Better air quality

Fans are used to improve air circulation but with this tall fan, you get the added advantage of improving the air quality especially during humid periods. This is done through the built-in ionizer in it that helps beat down dust, pollens, and allergens that could negatively impact the air quality.

Customizable comfort

A plus to this fan is that you could conveniently make adjustments to the settings, fan speed, and timer using a handy multi-function remote control to your taste. You could also make changes to the settings using the nighttime button to ease sleep at night. There is remote control storage just on the fan that makes putting the remote control away easier.

Pros and Cons


  • Wide oscillation range
  • Helps to improve the quality of indoor air
  • It does not take up space
  • It is easy to assemble


  • It has a high energy consumption rate
  • The base is made of light plastic and could easily topple.
  • There are no LED lights to make finding buttons easy at night

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the nighttime button do on the fan?

The nighttime button on the fan makes it easy for you to automatically decrease the speed of the fan at night. This also dims the control of the fan so it does not disturb you while sleeping at night.

Does the Lasko Portable Electric 42” Oscillating Fan cover a wide area?

Yes, it covers a wide area through its widespread oscillating feature. As an oscillating tower fan, it blows out air at 90 degrees and it oscillates at a point enabling the air to be pushed farther.

Conclusion and Recommendation

From the features discussed, the Lasko Product Portable 42″ Oscillating Fan works fine in your office space, living room, or kitchen. With its white noise effect, you do not have to bother about it making noise while you sleep.

If you need a tower fan with powerful motors or a quiet tower fan with a remote, you should consider getting the Lasko Portable Electric 42” Oscillating Fan.

Lasko U35115 Electric Oscillating Tower Fan Review

Every year, thousands of powerful tower fans, amidst other electrical home appliances are sent into the market. This increase in supply by industry giants has made the decision-making power of customers sit on a low pedestal. Not to worry, This guide gives adequate insight into the Lasko U35115 Electric Oscillating Tower Fan to give deeper insight when seeking to invest in a cheap (but effective) tower fan.

Although top-tier tech innovations like the air conditioner are dominating the home and office appliances market, it can be seen that a good number of people still opt for electrical tower fans essentially because they do not add up to the energy bill as much as the air conditioner does and you can have them wherever you want in your home, not fixed to a corner.

Lasko U35115 Electric Oscillating High Velocity Stand-Up Tower Fan

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Product Properties

Oscillating degree range90 degrees
Remote Controlled?Yes
Voice Controlled?No
Airflow25% more
Noise levelModerately low
Height35.03 inches
Number of speeds3

Overview of Lasko U3115 Tower Fan

The U35115 is a highly efficient home and office appliance. This unit also doubles as one of the most powerful tower fans sitting on the market today. The Lasko U35115 is the confluence of high performance and user-friendliness which is the hallmark of innovative home appliance production. This unit primes its line of products as it supports powerful motor addition that increases airflow and ups output by 25% more than another conventional fan tower.

There is usually heightened competition in the home-appliance market which makes staying afloat the plethora of useful home devices close to impossible. This fan tower ensures that all required features are made readily available for its users. Innovative additions like sleek/portable body construction as well as vast control options are all part of the company’s story to tell as they present a broad range of users with the ultimate home companion.

Amazing Features of the Lasko U35115 Electric Oscillating High Voltage Standing Tower Fan

Powerful Remote-control feature

The Lasko tower fan with remote-controlled addition gives you more air velocity than you would get on more expensive brands on the market. We loved that this fan tower can produce a top-speed velocity of up to 25% more airflow.

Three Speed Levels

Similar to other modern tower fans, this product comes with three different speed levels that are engaged to suit your present need. Although the control on vibration is great on this cooling tower fan, it can get a bit noisy as the velocity of the motor increases.

Different Control Options

In addition to easy control, one exciting feature that users look out for is the variety of control options. The Lasko modern tower fan has a portable remote control that lets you engage the speed of this tall fan. It gets more fascinating when you don’t have to get up to operate this fan because it comes with an energy-efficient timer that can last up to 7 hours. For an efficient fan tower that costs a little above 70 dollars, you can bet to have all your home and office needs met any time, any day.

Great Design

Product design has always been a major point of appeal to customers for home and office appliance production companies. Moreover, Lasko beats the competition this time with a super space-saving design, standing this modern tower fan at 33 inches with a sleek body.

Benefits of using the Lasko U35115 Electric Oscillating Tower Fan

Better Airflow

The powerful motor on this home appliance blows air in a specific direction to help you touch down the heat in no time at all. This is a good innovation to help combat heat, from cooking in the kitchen to getting fresh air after a long walk home under sunny weather.

Control Integration

This cooling tower fan comes fully assembled right out of the box, with an integrated feature that enables you to exert maximum control over the breeze operation. Furthermore, this feature comes in handy for people who wouldn’t subscribe to the idea of reading a long guide before operating the fan.

Guaranteed Safety

Think of any feature that makes an oscillating fan safe indoors and you have the Lasko U35115. For increased mobility in your home, we loved that this product supports a sturdy grip for use across different places in your comfort.


With the Lasko U35115 electrical oscillating fan, you can enjoy lengthy cooking in the kitchen without having to worry about the heat generated from your task. Because you can shuffle the use of this fan between different places in your home, durability might come in as a major concern, but this shouldn’t be a cause of worry as you can always exercise control over the appliances from a distance, without having to touch it now and then.

Pros and Cons


  • This oscillating fan has safe technology integration
  • It is very affordable
  • The Lasko U35115 fan is easy to carry about different spots in your office
  • It is maintenance compliant
  • Supports remote control for easy accessibility


  • The durability of this fan could be batter
  • Airflow on this product is not resolute

Frequently Asked Questions on the Lasko U35115 Electric Oscillating Tower Fan

Is there any instructions on how to assemble the base of this fan?

There are no instructions for the base assembly as it comes completely attached to the streamlined fan.

Is the Lasko U35115 Electric Oscillating Tower Fan filter cleanable?

Yes, you can take out the filter of this oscillating fan to keep up with the maintenance.

Does the entire vent of this fan produce air?

No, only the top half of the streamline vent produces air

Conclusion and Recommendation

The Lasko U35115 electrical fan tower is the go-to product that can serve a variety of uses in your home, office, or basement. This electrical fan is geared at ensuring that users get maximum satisfaction and friendly control over any condition that they find themselves in. Therefore, if you are looking for an electric fan that gives you convenience and versatility of options, then this product is your sure bet.

Lasko T38400 Electric Hybrid Review

Lasko is a brand that has been on the market for over 100 years and is reputable for delivering durable products. The Lasko T38400 Electric Oscillating Hybrid Tower Fan is one of the most powerful tower fans out there.

This article reviews this hybrid tower fan and gives you accurate information on its features and specifications. You will also learn the benefits of using this product as well as the pros and cons. This article will help you make a healthy choice.

Lasko T38400 Electric Oscillating Hybrid Tower Fan

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Product Properties

Oscillating Degrees RangeN/A
Remote Controlled?Yes
Voice Controlled?No
Airflow25% more
Noise LevelIncreases with speed
Height38 inches
Number Of Speeds4

Overview of the Lasko T38400 Tower Fan

The Lasko tower fan comes with a cord that makes it connectable to a power source. It features 4 speed levels, adding to its versatility. If you need to get smell out of an enclosed space, you can set this oscillating tower fan on top speed and have it blow out the smell within minutes.

If you are using it in a large living room, any setting can be convenient depending on your preferences. You can set it on the second or third speed to get the heat out and make the temperature more comfortable. If you and your family are watching the television, you can set the fan to blow at the lowest speed for minimal noise. You can use it in your bedroom and have a peaceful night’s rest with minimal noise. The noise increases as the speed increases, making it suitable for use under any condition.

The oscillation on this fan is impressive, making it deliver a generous air flow to every corner of your space. You can use this fan in your room or kitchen and even your office. The fan tower makes it suitable for use in any indoor space.

This fan comes with remote control built to render multiple functions. It lets you regulate the fan and achieve any function you want from the comfort of your seat or your bed.

Furthermore, this quiet tower fan with a remote is built to perform optimally as it combines the build of a tower fan and the energy of an air blower. The result is an unbeatable optimal performance.

It is easy to use and comes with a manual to make it even easier. From the get-go, you can operate the fan easily. If you need assistance, the manual is ever-present to point you in the right direction.

Features of Lasko T38400 Electric Oscillating Hybrid Tower Fan

This electric oscillating fan has some features that make it worth every dollar you will spend on it:

Multiple function Remote control

This fan features a multiple-function remote control. This feature lets you use the fan with style and sophistication. It makes it luxurious as you can be on your seat and have your fan perform as you want it to.

Auto-off timer

You can also set the timer to let the fan go off automatically, you can leave the fan on while you fall asleep or go out and have it go off at a specific time.

Widespread oscillation

The fan is designed to deliver fresh air to every area of a large living room. You can use it in a large space and with people seated in different corners and have the fan serve all of them.

4 fan speeds

This fan features 4 fan speed levels. You can decide on what speed level to put it. This feature let you use the fan for more than just receiving fresh air. You can use it to blow off smell, dry clothes, and other items.

Benefits of using Lasko T38400 Electric Oscillating Hybrid Tower Fan

This oscillating fan has some benefits that you just cannot overlook:

Great returns for your money

With this fan, you are sure to get the best returns for your money. It performs optimally and is designed for longevity.


This fan is affordable for most people. It comes at a price that complements its versatility and optimal performance.

Generous air circulation

With this tall fan, you can cool the temperature in your room and have the air circulate properly.

Easy to use

You do not need to sweat while using this fan. If you are using it for the first time, you can have it running with a few easy steps.

Saves space

The fan features a 12” by 12” footprint that makes the fan save space. the tower design lets it fit into tiny spaces.


The Lasko T38400 oscillating fan boasts of many years of effective performance. It is built with durable parts that make it withstand years of continuous usage.

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable.
  • Durabile quality
  • Versatile performance
  • Optimal performance


  • Noise increases with speed setting

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Lasko T38400 cool an entire space?

Yes. The Lasko T38400 is designed to release air generously, 25% more than the regular fan. It can deliver air to every corner of a large room, cooling the whole space.

Does Lasko T38400 last long?

Lasko is a brand that has been in the market for a long time and their products are trustworthy. The T38400 is a product that will last long as it is designed for durability, like other Lasko products.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The Lasko T38400 Electric Oscillating Hybrid Tower Fan works efficiently and is durable. It is a great option for people who need a quality oscillating fan in offices, kitchens, rooms, or other indoor spaces.

Also, if you want to save some money without compromising performance and style, this modern tower fan is a great product to buy.

Lasko 2535 52” Oscillating Pedestal Fan Review

The Lasko 2535 52” Oscillating Pedestal Fan is one of the best fans which you can use in the house. This fan is easy to maneuver and provides three different fan modes. The Lasko model is aesthetically designed, which makes it appealing to the eyes and portable for those with limited space.

This article will discuss the specifications of this Pedestal Fan, its features and functionalities, the benefits of using the Lasko 2535 52” Oscillating Pedestal Fan, and other relevant information about the product.

Lasko 2535 52" Oscillating Pedestal Fan

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Product Properties

Oscillating Degrees rangeWidespread oscillation
Remote controlYes
Voice controlledYes
Air Flow2,500 cfm
Noise level51 dB
Height52 inches
Number of speeds3

 An Overview of the Lasko 2535 52” Oscillating Pedestal Fan

The Lasko 2535 52” Oscillating Pedestal Fan is one of the biggest Pedestal fans in the Lasko models. This makes it highly popular among pedestal fans, which people seek.

 It comes with powerful speeds, a flexible height of up to 52”, and remote control. These remote control features allow you to control all the settings at your fingertips. If you are worried about your limited space, this excellent fan can save you space at home or in the working arena.

This Tower fan is known to produce high-quality performance, soothing, cooling experience, and the price is under $100. If you want to move it around, the design makes it easy, and also you can change the cooling direction using the tilt-back feature and flexible height.

Unique Features of the Lasko 2535 52” Oscillating Pedestal Fan

 This is the best Lasko tower fan, and it comes with some great features like:

Optional Oscillation

This is among the best Oscillating tower fans, which allows great airflow around the room. You could activate these settings by using the button on the fan or the remote control.

Directional Louver

The 2535 Pedestal fan also comes with louvers, which allow you to direct the fan up or down depending on your immediate needs.

Remote control

This quiet fan comes with a user-friendly control that allows you to choose the speed settings, sleep settings and activate the oscillation feature.

Built-in Carry Handle

 It comes with a carry handle which permits you to carry it from one point of your location to another.

Benefits of using the Lasko 2535 52” Oscillating Pedestal Fan

 Here are some reasons why the advantages of using the Lasko 2535 52”:

Limited Space

 An important merit of using this tall fan is that it’s portable and doesn’t take too much space in your home. It takes less space than other Fan towers but its power is great.


 Another critical merit of the Lasko Pedestal Fan is that it is light. You can move it from one room to another. This maneuverability makes it great for additional ventilation.

Offers different Fan modes

This Lasko 2535 52” offers various types of fan modes, which allows you to choose the one you need. The fan modes are high, medium and low, which changes the fan speeds.

This allows users to have better control over the cooling temperatures. There is an RPM (rotation per minute) that makes you increase the power.

 Stylish Design

The Lasko Tower fan has a way of adding a touch of style to your house. There are different colors and finishes to choose from like metallic, plastic, and black which stand out in your room.

Swing Option

This Fan has a great swing feature where you can pick if you want the fan to oscillate back and forth. This makes the breeze to be evenly distributed around every section of the room.


When seeking an affordable and cool fan to keep you happy during summer, choose the Lasko 2535 52 inches Oscillating Pedestal Fan. All the models are within your budget and of great quality.


This is the most powerful tower fan around and lasts long. Although, it looks slim; it is strong and with proper maintenance lasts well.

It enhances the AC system

 This Pedestal Fan helps spread the cool AC air to all sections of your house. Most AC have limited air flow and at times require the right cooling Tower fans to spread air around the house. This Lasko fan is a modern tower fan which boosts the AC system.

Energy Efficiency

 With the ever increasing electricity bills around the world, using the right Pedestal Fan, which doesn’t consume energy , is important. The Lasko Pedestal Fan helps limit your light bills.

Pros and Cons


  • Very Affordable Pedestal Fan
  • Simple to assemble
  • Easy control settings
  •  Comes with a remote control
  • A very light and portable Tower fan
  •  Very broad oscillation feature
  • Provides cool air in a confined area
  • Works well with the AC system.


  •  The cord is short
  • The fan parts are mainly plastic. The high settings are loud
  •  The remote doesn’t come with batteries
  • Slim air settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Lasko 2535 52” Oscillating Pedestal Fan come with a swing feature?

Yes, the fan comes with an Oscillating feature which makes it better than a ceiling fan. This’ Swing feature’ allows the fan to distribute air around the room evenly.

How Portable is the Lasko 2535 52” Oscillating Pedestal Fan?

 The tower fan is portable and can be moved easily from one part of the house to another. You just need to get the right electrical supply box for the fan.

Is the Lasko 2535 52” Oscillating Pedestal Fan affordable?

 Yes, the Tower Fan is cheap and falls within the budget of many people. At under $100, it is a steal!

Conclusion and Recommendations

 We have done a detailed review of the Lasko 2535 52” Oscillating Pedestal Fan by listing all its features, advantages and some of the drawbacks expected. Should you buy this fan? Here is our recommendation.

 If you want a good Pedestal Fan that fits into your room and comes on a budget, then you should buy the Lasko 2535 52” Oscillating Pedestal Fan . It doesn’t make much noise, is very portable and has a great design.