Cooling mist fans have always proved to be the best way to cool them off outdoors. Unlike the usual standing fans with limited airflow, the outdoor Misting Fan does much more. The outdoor Misting fans have a way of cooling the air around them within a limited time frame. These fans are just too powerful; for more reason, they associate them with air conditioners most of the time. The thing is, most people who usually go for Misting fans are those who couldn’t afford an air conditioner. But never compare the price of these fans with the traditional standing fan, ‘cos they are way more expensive than them (the standing fans). Because they come with powerful features, these fans use more AC voltage to function, unlike what is applicable in normal standing fans.

The best misting fan can come in different sizes, designs, and shapes, but their function remains the same. This fan is designed to cool the air using a procedure known as “flash evaporation.” In this method, water vapor is placed in front of the fan, and when the fan dispenses its air, it blows the vapor into the mist that emanates from the fan. When this vapor evaporates into the air, it goes ahead to cool the surrounding area. Misting fans come with water tank; misting fans with water tank are often used in outdoor events or any gathering with a large audience. These fans come in different styles and sizes, but just like the battery-operated outdoor fan, there is a portable misting fan too.

Top 5 Bestselling Outdoor Misting Fans From Our List

NewAir AF-600 Outdoor Misting Fan

The NewAir AF-600 Outdoor Misting Fan, like its counterparts, is not your regular standing fan. This is a powerful outdoor fan used mainly in outdoor events like barbecues, pool parties, and its likes. Just one unit of this fan is enough to serve in a large gathering. And you won’t have to fear the heat of the hot weather when you are out there, under a hot temperature: the NewAir AF-600 Outdoor Misting Fan have you covered.

It also comes with a 3 Speed level, meaning that you are very much in control of how you want the airflow; this is also important, especially in a situation where there is a change in weather conditions. You can always adjust the speed accordingly. The heavy air it dispenses is a result of the five powerful metal blades it comes with; most of all, it is very eco-friendly.

Oscillating Fan with Misting Kit

This is another powerful misting fan manufactured with a mechanism to dispense the most efficient air in a gathering. Equipped with four powerful metal blades, 3-speed level, and can be very much adjustable, its ability to perform optimally in an outdoor situation is never in doubt. This fan is also manufactured with the environment in mind: it comes with a tray-like base which helps it withstand the pushy external air pressure. But in all, it comes with the most impressive design.

Another unique feature of this fan is that it comes with a misting kit, so users won’t have to spend more money looking for kits that fit it. So, if you are a fan of products that comes with the best quality yet maintain the most awesome design, think no further than the oscillating fan with misting kit.

Geek Aire Battery Operated Fan

This is a portable misting fan that comes in a size of a normal portable fan yet has the strength of an outdoor misting standing fan. It is often seen in patio parties; they are placed on individual tables, have a 360° rotation feature, and have the capability to serve four people on the same table.

It has the ability to perform for 50 hours when fully charged, courtesy of the 15000mAh rechargeable battery life. The powerful air that dispenses from this fan results from three powerful metal blades and three-speed level settings that come with it. It also comes in lightweights, so you won’t have to bother looking for help while trying to convey it. But what looks like the low point of this fan is that you might want to add more units before it can serve the whole gathering.

Battery Operated Misting Fan

This is another battery-powered portable misting fan that has the power to serve the whole table. Unlike others, this one comes with two inches clamp that helps you hang this fan above you while the air descends from above. It also comes with USB charging ports.

This means that you can charge your electronic gadgets like iPhone, smartphones, or mp3 players even while the fan is still actively working. This fan can work up to 40 hours when fully charged, thanks to the 10,000mAh battery strength. The Battery Operated Misting Fan also can perform a 360° rotation and comes with a mist mode which is meant to trigger the misting function in the fan.

Tilting Pedestal Misting Fan

This misting fan comes with many unique features in it, although it comes a bit heavier and more expensive than others. The high cost is justified considering features like three-speed aluminum blades that work together to dispense powerful air to the atmosphere. Again, the Tilting Pedestal misting fan is better explained as that kind of fan you use in any gathering, under any weather.

It cools off the atmosphere in hot weather, and under the rain, you won’t have to bother about covering it. It has a water resistance feature that prevents water from penetrating its inner electrical mechanism. Because of its powerful nature, the Tilting Pedestal Misting Fan works with a 120 V/60 Hz AC Unit, 3 Speed Level Control, and it is pretty heavy.

Buying Tips for the Best Outdoor Misting Fans

Because misting fans are completely different from the regular standing fan, there are some things you need to consider before making that purchase. Because misting fans come with a whole different mechanism, it will be unfair to examine it using the criteria as the traditional standing fan. For example, misting fans come with a mini water tank where users are meant to constantly fill up to make sure the misting function works out perfectly. There are provisions for some other misting fans where users can connect it to water inlets so it won’t run out of water supply. Those fans with such are often seen in a factory or a larger gathering that is meant to last for longer. That way, the water supply won’t cut off so long as the fan is working. Below, we have created a guide that will help you get the best outdoor cooling fans in the market.

Check the Blades

The best portable outdoor fan is known to come with aluminum blades, and the same thing applies to misting outdoor fans. The stronger the blades, the more powerful the air it dispenses. This is why a prospective customer must pay attention to the blade because should anything go wrong with the blades, it will affect the fan’s performance. Also, look at the one with more blades, preferably four to five blades.


Because cooling fans for outdoors are used in large gatherings, there are situations where people behind may not be feeling the impact of the air. This is when you will need to adjust the fan higher. Normally, the best misting fan comes in an 18 inches height; in some situations,  they might be more than that, but the standard ones are measured 18 inches tall.


Normally, misting fans don’t come in lightweights, but we recommend you go for misting fans that measure 24 Kilograms in weight – at least, that seems like the standard measurement. Again, you have to also consider how you want to convey it to the event venue; the lighter it is, the easier it is for you to handle.


Every company will want to do everything possible to prove to their customers that their products work. One of the ways they do this is through warranties. So, as a buyer, you have to look out for those products with at least a one-year warranty package.

Benefits of Using Misting Fans

It is Cost-Effective

Not too many people will agree on this, but commercial events managers are in a very good position to tell. Because this is an outdoor fan, one unit can cover more than 15 patios. This is unlike if you had used an Air Conditioner or placed a portable table fan on each guest’s table.


Here, you get to enjoy both the mist and the water that mix to get the perfect cooling atmosphere you deserve. Misting fans are always known for their heavy-duty performance; it can for hours, sometimes days, without overheating.

Cools Faster

Misting fans with water tank have always been known to have more cooling power over the conventional standing fan. It is not just the widespread airflow; it also has more to do with how fast the cooling effect is. So, comparing the traditional standing fan and the outdoor misting fan, we will say that the misting fan is faster considering the cooling effect.


Finally, it will be only rational if you take a moment and improvise what you want in a fan, and we can comfortably tell you that you will find it among those best outdoor cooling fans out there.

You will have to also understand that there certain precautions you need to apply while using this fan. First, you have to check whether it is waterproof, comes with a water pipe, or has water tank in it. That will help you a lot in knowing how to handle it when you finally put it to use.