Since the invention of oscillating fans in 1902, it has grown to become a household appliance among homes worldwide. At a point, this piece of electronics has become so useful that the whole household now depends on it for a cool, gentle breeze. It comes in all sizes, colors, and shapes. Your choice of a good oscillating fan should depend on the size of your room, how many people are in the room, and your budget. A large oscillating fan is usually used in a large room, mostly an office apartment with large occupants. There is also the small rotating fan which is often seen in offices with smaller space. Some even go as far as deploying as many as they afford on each table – this is often seen in patio parties.

Today, oscillating fans come in even more innovative formats; rechargeable oscillating fans, solar-powered oscillating fans, etc. Again, there are still those that need a high voltage before it can work optimally. This is why you have to also consider your electricity situation before you go for the oscillating fan of your choice. The type of blade in these fans is what dictates the quality of air it is likely to dispense. There are plastic blades, aluminum blades,  and even foam blades; also, the number of blades does matter; there are some that come with two blades, while others come with three, four, even five blades.

Top 5 Bestselling Oscillating Fans From Our List

16" Pedestal Remote Control Oscillating Stand Up Fan

This is a 16 inches remote-controlled fan with a powerful oscillating feature. The performance of this fan is never in doubt, considering the type of motor it came with. This motor is what propels the powerful aluminum blades that enable it to release those gentle, healthy breeze in a room. It comes with three-speed settings, which makes you take total charge of the breeze that comes out from the fan.

Again, the Pedestal Remote Control Oscillating Stand Up Fan is adjustable, meaning that it can be quite useful in a large gathering: all you need is to adjust it further. You are very much safe while using this fan, considering the overheat protector it comes with – it protects it when it starts overheating as a result of steady functioning. By the way, the Pedestal Remote Control Oscillating Stand Up Fan is noiseless.

Lasko 1820 18″ Elegance & Performance Adjustable Pedestal Fan

This fan is known for its strong plastic body and adjustable height. This is yet another powerful oscillating fan that is designed with the ability to perform optimally in a large gathering. It measures 18 inches in height and comes with powerful aluminum blades that can dispense powerful air for hours without getting overheated.

But the overheating part is nothing to worry about because it also has an inbuilt safety technology that protects it against such occasions. With its five-speed level settings, you are totally in charge of the amount of breeze that emanates from this fan. Another unique feature is its firm tray-like base that helps it resist any type of external pressure. This type of oscillating fan is recommended in a large gathering, but you might have to get one more depending on the size of the venue.

Hurricane Classic Wall Mount Oscillating Fan

Meet one of the best oscillating fans with the best protective metal basket that shades the blade from external contacts. This is why it is also considered safe for children, and since it comes with three-speed settings, you can always adjust it to the lowest, so the breeze won’t be too much for the kids. It is really the most recommended oscillating fan for events.

It also comes with metal blades; more reason, the breeze that emanates from it can be felt from all angles of the room. And since it oscillates up to 90°, where you are in the room doesn’t really matter. And as for the weight, it can be lifted by a teenager.

Honeywell Turbo Force Oscillating Table Fan

This is another speed oscillating fan with metal blades built to cover a wide area. This is often recommended for office use and oscillates 90°; more reason, event managers often recommend it for outdoor events. It is one of the most suited fans in the children’s room; its three-speed settings allow users to control the speed level.

Again, you don’t need to worry about the weight; some of its body parts are manufactured with plastic, so the weight is light. The protective metal basket allows the dispensing air to strategically pass through and circulates the gentle breeze throughout the room.

Rowenta VU5670 Turbo Silence Oscillating Fan, Standing Fan

The Rowenta VU5670 Turbo Silence oscillating fan standing fan is known for its powerful remote control feature. This enables the user to control the fan’s speed from the comfort of their rooms. With a fan like this, you have total control over its speed and operations, considering its five-speed level helps you regulate the breeze the way you want it.

The oscillating silence performance of this fan is not hard to notice: this is because of the ‘whisper’ technology used in the production of the motor. And because of the firm metal base it comes with, it can comfortably withstand external pressures like wind or a minor push.

Buying Tips for the Best Oscillating Fans

Buying oscillating fans has become so common that people barely care about what they need anymore. To them, all oscillating fans are the same and serve all-purpose. Well, this is not the case hence, the existence of a buying guide. For starters, you have to first analyze the kind of environment you stay in, how large or small your room is, if it’s big enough, then it wouldn’t matter if you go for a large oscillating fan, but if otherwise, then stick to the small ones. Another is to know if there is (or will be) children in the house; if there is, then it is advised you go for something with more closed basket, something their fingers can’t reach the blade, even when they try. Below, we have listed some other points you need to note when buying an oscillating fan.

Check the Motor

The motor is the most important part of the fan: it is the heart of the fan; should anything goes wrong, the entire fan structure will collapse. This is because the motor powers the blade, even if it came with metal blades, but with a weak motor, it is bound to perform badly. So, make sure you switch on the fan on buying it and examine the motor.

Height of the Fan

Most oscillating fan fans are adjustable; this is an important aspect you need to look out for if you want to use it in an office environment. Most oscillating fans measure as high as 18 inches and can even go higher when adjusted. Also, the higher the fan is adjusted, the more area of the room it covers.

The Blades

You need to look out for two things in a blade: How many blades it comes with and what the blades are made of. Always go for the aluminum blades; it dispatches more air when it is aluminum blades. Again, the more the blades, the more the breeze from the fan. So, go for oscillating fans with 4 or 5 blades instead.

Benefits of Using Oscillating Fan

Moderate Pricing

Oscillating fans have always been known as the most moderate standard standing fans in the market today. Since not everyone can afford an Air Conditioner, getting a good stand-up oscillating fan has risen to feel the vacuum.


Oscillating fans are very mobile; they have a moderate weight that a teenager can easily lift. This is mainly because most of its body parts are made of plastic.

Low Energy Consumption

Unlike the Air Conditioners, even the most powerful oscillating fan consumes very little electricity. So, you will get to save the cost of electricity while enjoying the most powerful gentle breeze.


As oscillating fans continue to dominate the larger part of our lives, especially when it comes to rendering the most comfort, you should also try to look out for those products that match your country’s electricity standard. As some countries use the 220V electricity standard, others can go higher.

You should also be conscious of the energy efficiency of the oscillating fan you are going for; that way, you will be able to save the cost of electricity while still maintaining a cool atmosphere. Finally, oscillating fans have come to stay; instead of fading away, they will innovate, especially with the rate at which technology is advancing.