Honeywell Quiet Set Whole Room Tower Fan

Honeywell Quiet Set Whole Room Tower Fan

If you are a fan of creativity, style, and sleekness and looking for a portable tower fan that suits your taste, we will be recommending the all-new Honeywell Quiet set whole room tower fan. This fan is designed strictly for people who have a large sense of style and quality. It is very suitable for medium size rooms, offices, and children’s bedrooms. The reason for this is because any room needs as much ventilation as it can get, and bringing in the traditional standing fan will do more harm than good, hence, the need for the Honeywell Quiet Set Whole Room Tower Fan.


Detachable Remote Control

This fan comes with a powerful detachable remote that enables users to control the fan, change the speed from the comfort of their bed. The impressive thing here is that users can still attach the remote back on the body of the fan to avoid misplacement.

8 Level Speed Settings

The Honeywell Quietset tower fan comes with a powerful speed level that you can increase up to level 5 using the remote.

Digital Display

The fan comes with an auto-off feature, also seen on the digital display section. This digital display feature also shows the whole working information about the fan, including the auto shut down countdown, which starts from 100%, 75%,... and off.

Excellent Cooling Feature

This fan has always proved its powerful nature by maintaining its cooling nature even without displaying any rattling sound.

Less Energy Consumption

The fan comes with an energy saving feature. This will help users reduce the rate of energy consumption in their homes or offices, hence reducing cost.

Sleek, Smooth, Plastic Body

The Smooth shiny plastic body of this fan makes it possible for users to easily clean it. The plastic body also enhances its durability, more reason it is resistible to hard external pressure.

Well Vented Basket

The fan comes with a well vented basket that allows the cool air to pass through, then circles the whole room.

Sturdy Base

Unlike what is obtainable in many portable tower fans, the Honeywell Quiet set whole room tower fan comes with a sturdy base that doesn't only help the fan stand firm, but matches the entire structure.

Light Weight

Honeywell Quiet Set whole room tower fan measures 10 x 10 x 40 inches in dimension, and weighs ‎8 pounds.

Has Provision for Batteries

Unlike what is obtainable in many portable tower fans, this fan uses 2 AA batteries yet gives the same cooling performance as those fans that uses AC electric system.


The Honeywell Quiet set whole room tower fan comes with a one year warranty. This means that should the fan experience any fault within the space of one year, the company takes full responsibility.

Pros & Cons




Soundless Function

Because of the noiseless nature of the Honeywell Quiet Set Whole Room Tower Fan, you will get to enjoy that peaceful breeze you won’t to find in the traditional standing fan.

Fast cooling feature

You will get to experience the freshest breeze circling your room, as it dispenses it’s gentle air from it’s powerful blades.


Creativity will be nothing without style, it will be just another product in the pool of thousand of other products before it. But in the case of Honeywell Quiet set whole room tower fan, it has both creativity and style embedded in it. This is more reason most of its components are slightly different from the others, yet, deliver the same performance like tens of other best tower fans out there. We will also very much recommend this type of fan in a children room. This is because it comes with a firm body structure, and a smooth surface. So, you won’t have to bother about either being rough-handled by kids, or any of the parts injuring them.

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