Honeywell White Comfort Control Tower Fan

Honeywell White Comfort Control Tower Fan

Imagine staying in a medium-size living room or office under hot weather, that irritating feeling that comes with picky sweats. That’s when you need a working tower fan produced with so much efficiency and durability, and it is where the Honeywell White Comfort Control Tower Fan comes in. It is a slim, portable, one-pack standing fan designed with a powerful cooling mechanism that has the propensity to stabilize the room in a few minutes. This product is carefully manufactured with different floor types in mind, hence, its ability to stand firmly whether on a rough or very smooth surface.


Portability and Healthy Air

The Honeywell White Comfort Control Tower Fan is an ideal portable standing fan for a medium-sized room. This is because its three-speed level disperses fresh, healthy air through its oscillating fanning system.

AC Electric Current

It comes with a 14 cm cable plug and is designed to work in an AC electrical system. On-purchase, the three components are included in the pack: the base, the Pedestal, and the ‎Fan Tower.


The fan is virtually soundless while in motion; the sound capacity of this fan is measured at 52 dB, while it can be powered on using a push-button power-on system.

Well Vented Plastic Basket and Smooth Plastic Body

The plastic vent basket in the front is wider than what is obtainable at the back. The smooth, shiny body is made of plastic, so it will be very easy to clean up if there is a need to clean it up.

Recessed Carry Handle and Light Weight

Carry this around using its recessed carry handle; this handle enhances mobility. Due to its 8.51 pounds lightweight and ‎11.8 x 11.8 x 38.89 inches dimension, you won't have a problem lifting it comfortably from one place to the other.

Four Button Control System and a Planted Standing Base

It has a four-button control system strategically placed on it, just very close to the LED display. The fitness of this fan while standing cannot be under established, thanks to its planted standing base that makes sure it sticks balance, hence, resisting minor external pressure.

Wide area Cooling Coverage and an Electronic Backlit LED Display Feature

This oscillating pattern of this fan is what gives it its wide-area cooling coverage. You can also get feedback from the fan's performance through its touch button electronic backlit LED display feature. That way, you will know when the fan is on a high, low, or medium. You will also get to see its shut down countdown timer from this feature, which starts from 8 hours.

Pros & Cons





Because it has a feature like a remote controller, one easily change the speed from the comfort of their bed.

Soundless Function

Because of the technology used in the manufacturing of tower fan, you will get to enjoy the noiseless performance of this fan while savouring the freshest breeze.


You can even choose to carry it to your out door camping. This is very much unlike what is obtainable in the traditional standing fans.


Tower fans have grown to be a must-have for every home, especially those with kids. The children’s room remains one of the best places for this fan because of its portability, smoothness, body texture, and moderated fresh breeze it dispenses. Again the company is still working on new ways to augment the features of this product. Although there have been hundreds of tower fans out there with almost the same feature as the Honeywell White Comfort Control Tower Fan, one cannot entirely wave the uniqueness of this brand, which is very visible at first sight. But for now, this remains the best indoor tower fan for medium-size rooms and offices.

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