Vornado 173 Whole Room Air Circulator Review

Do you know that a tower fan from a brand like Vornado 173 can help reduce your electricity bill because of its high energy-saving efficiency?

As you read further, you will see some specifications of the Vornado 173 Whole Room Tower Air Circulator that make it a great fan. You will also discover some of its unique features, benefits, and its pros and cons.

Vornado 173 Whole Room Tower Air Circulator

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Product Properties

BrandVornado (Tower Fan)
Oscillating Degrees Range360 degrees
Remote Controlled?Yes
Voice Controlled?No
Airflow322 CFM
Noise Level66 dB
Height36.53 inches
Number of Speeds3

An Overview of the Vornado 173 Whole Room Tower Air Circulator

Vornado 173 tower air circulator fan is a great ventilation solution for your residential homes and offices. With its multiple settings feature, its users can toggle the speed to suit their needs depending on the weather.

The finishing on this tower fan makes it durable and long-lasting. It also comes with a 6ft power cord that can be used to plug it on a power socket. Its cooling motor with the combination of an inbuilt air blower gives maximum satisfaction that can keep you and your environment comfortable.

With as low as $100, you can get the Vornado 173 Tower Air Circulator which is one of the most powerful tower fans which can circulate air up to 70 ft across every corner of your room or office for effective coolness and comfort.

Unique Features of Vornado 173 Whole Room Tower Air Circulator

This cooling tower fan has some outstanding features which include:

V-Flow Circulation

The V-Flow circulation feature in this modern tower fan enables it to blow off a high quantity of air consistently throughout the place where it’s kept, creating more coolness and comfort for its users.

Multiple Speed Settings

This unique feature on this quiet tower fan with a remote ensures proper movement of air at varying levels while maintaining a clean airflow delivery. The three-speed settings (low, high, medium) allow a fantastic cooling experience to reduce heat.

Built-in Timer

This cooling tower fan comes with a 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours programmable timer that ensures you operate the fan efficiently while saving energy. This timer allows the fan to circulate air at a minimal level at night for suitable ventilation.

Remote Control

This tall fan also comes with a remote control that makes it easier for you to operate the fan from anywhere in the room or office.

Solid Base

The Vornado 173 Air Circulator Fan has a solid and sturdy base that carries its weight efficiently. This strong base also makes it easier to be carried around in a room for a good user experience.


This Vornado 173 tower fan weighs less than 9 pounds, making it easier to be carried around for use. It also has a slender tower design that helps to save floor space in the home.

Good Energy-Saving Efficiency

This powerful tower fan uses a low amp and minimum electricity to provide a powerful and proper air movement, saving you energy to be used on other electrical appliances.

Benefits of Using Vornado 173 Whole Room Tower Air Circulator

This powerful tower fan gives some amazing benefits to its users. These benefits include:

Low Noise

This tall fan is suitable for both office and residential use because it gives maximum airflow without disturbing the environment with loud noise from a typical fan’s motor.

Good Circulation

The inbuilt airflow settings in this quiet tower fan with a remote allow for maximum and proper airflow throughout your office or room. The V-Flow circulation settings also ensure that enough air is blown out when in use.


The size of the Vornado 173 tower air circulator makes it easier to be moved around by users. You can use it in your office, at home, or any other indoor place of your choice.

Also, the fan will not take up much space wherever it is kept because of its tall and slender design.

Proper Airflow

Using this tower air circulator fan in your room or office will bring a constant circulation and refreshing breeze to keep people cool and comfortable.

Easy to Use

Using the Vornado 173 tower air circulator fan is not a hard task. Even if you do not understand some of the features and settings, there’s a manual guide that comes with the package which you can read to understand the instructions on how to operate it.


This fan is an excellent choice for all homes and offices because of its powerful features, design, high performance, and maximum capacity.

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable.
  • Varying speed settings.
  • Efficient air circulation.
  • Silent motor.


  • Alexa voice control feature not available.


Is Vornado 173 Tower Air Circulator Fan Durable?

Yes, the Vornado tower air circulator fan is strong and has a strong finish because it is produced from durable materials.

Can Vornado 173 Tower Air Circulator Fan Save Energy?

Yes, the Vornado tower air circulator fan has an inbuilt energy-saving feature capable of reducing the energy used by the fan, thereby reducing your electricity bill without altering the speed at which it blows off air.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The Vornado 173 Whole Room Tower Air Circulator Fan is a recommended option for your office and home ventilation needs, because of its powerful but quiet motor capable of blowing enough air to cool your entire space.

Add this product to your tower fan purchase list because it will give you good value for your money without compromising quality and standard.

Vornado NGT425 Air Circulator Tower Fan Review

It is unlikely for anyone to turn down the gift of a modern tower fan with an air-circulating technology that brings cooling tower fans to the next level. The Vornado NGT425 air circulator tower fan does not only feature the V-Flow air-circulating technology but takes it a notch even better with its Versa-Flow adjustable airflow.

In this review, you will discover what does V-Flow adjustable airflow means and what advantage does this gives the Vornado NGT425 over other brands. Also, you will find the features and benefits this tall fan offers.

Vornado NGT425 Air Circulator

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Product Properties

Oscillating Degrees RangeNo Oscillation (0o)
Remote Controlled?Yes
Voice Controlled?No
Noise LevelQuiet
Height42.3 inches
Number of Speeds5

Overview of the Vornado NGT425

The Vornado NGT425 air circulator tower fan is an air circulator (and not just a fan – quite an important piece of information) that functions with versa-flow adjustable airflow technology. The technology is instrumental in creating different ranges of airflow, from a wide span to a direct line of airflow, which consequently leaves the tower fan with an unnecessary need for oscillation as this modern tower fan can continuously push a high volume of air throughout the room.

Furthermore, the NGT425 tower circulator features five-speed levels, touch-sensitive controls (which can also be remote-controlled), 1-8 hour auto-off timer (which is energy-saving), air inlet grill (that is easy to clean), and a 5-year guarantee (conditions apply).

Features of the Vornado NGT425

Now, let’s get detailed about the aforementioned features of this tower fan:

Adjustable Airflow

To enjoy the airflow from a typical tower fan, you have to be in its airflow path; otherwise, you’re not going to be as cool, implying that you have to adjust the direction the tower fan is facing each time you change position. However, Vornado solves that problem with its unique Versa-Flow adjustable airflow technology.

How so?

It propels air in a unique cone-shaped airflow pattern as far as 100 feet into the room, which constantly circulates air throughout the room space. So, irrespective of your position in the room, you will feel its effect as though you’re directly in front of the fan.

Typical tower fans use oscillation to manage the said challenge but it doesn’t particularly solve it because the whole room doesn’t get the airflow at a particular point in time. But Vornado impresses with its technology, giving air to the whole room at every point in time, thereby zeroing the need for oscillation.

You may be wondering at this juncture, what if I don’t want air in the whole room at a given point in time? With Vornado NGT425, you are in control; you can adjust the airflow direction (up to 45 degrees) by using the Versa-Flow adjustment dial situated on top of the unit. This setting will cause the air outlets to either narrow or widen to suit you.


For a tower circulator that confidently boasts as one of the most powerful tower fans on the market, it features a simple operation, which is a significant plus. I mean, who wants to endure the technical sophistication of using a fan! Vornado is a tower fan with remote control, which also features onboard touch-sensitive controls (situated on top of the unit) with which you can operate it.

Other features you can enjoy in its simple operation are the fan speed, onboard timer, and indicator lights. You can choose from any of the 5 speeds it offers to meet your need; you can time it to automatically turn off between 1 and 8 hours. The indicator lights are meant to display the current fan speed and timer status.

Quiet fan

Tower fans are usually either powerful or quiet. What manufacturers often do is try to design a balance between the two features, and one might argue that Vornado did accomplish the right balance with NGT425. Its airflow rating is at 604 CFM and 300 CFM on the high and low respectively. So, power is not an issue; it’s probably the most powerful tower fan. Typically, in such powerful fans, the downside is the noise but Vornado managed to keep that under wrap in this particular design.

So, you have a quiet tower fan with a remote that can be easily opted for as the most appropriate choice for large areas, such as family rooms.

Benefits of using the Vornado NGT425

  • Whole room airflow: at every given point in time, you can enjoy whole room airflow with the Versa-Flow technology of the Vornado NGT425
  • Targeted airflow: With its Versa-Flow adjustment dial, you can direct air at an angle of choice (up to 45 degrees)
  • Remote control: and including its onboard touch-sensitive feature, operating the tower fan is at the tips of your fingers
  • Multiple fan speeds: you can choose a perfect speed level for you from its 5-speed levels
  • Quiet: for such a powerful tower fan, it is quite quiet; a right balance between powerful and quiet.

Pros and Cons


  • Power: 604 CFM high and 329 CFM low
  • Noise: 55 dB high and 42 dB low
  • Brushless motor: perhaps only power tool devotees will understand this concept, but it’s an efficient motor type
  • V-Flow technology
  • Versa-Flow adjustable airflow technology
  • 5-year Warranty program


  • Price: the product falls into a mid-range budget, not what you will particularly call “friendly”.
  • Single color: lacking in variety and selection


What kind of maintenance does Vornado NGT425 require?

Maintaining the fan is easy. Clean it properly and periodically; that way, you keep its motor clean and never need oil. Besides, the motor is designed to be permanently lubricated; so, oiling it is unnecessary and may cause damage.

Is the Vornado NGT425 appropriate for outdoor use?

Not quite; it’s built for residential use. The design is not ideal for commercial applications.


What do you need? Fresh air in the spring and fall? Circulated warmth in the winter? Cooling comfort in the summer? Vornado NGT425 is the right choice with its unique Versa-Flow airflow pattern, an adjustability option that puts you in control of airflow direction, and easy operation.

Vornado OSCR32 32″ Fan Review

The 32 inches Vornado OSCR32 Oscillating Air Circulator Tower Fan from Vornado, a reputable brand in the oscillating fan market, is a durable tower fan for anything ventilation.

This article will review and give you detailed information about this oscillating fan, including its features, specifications, and benefits. Also, it will list some of the pros and cons of the product, to enable you to make a proper choice whenever you wish to make a purchase.

Vornado OSCR32 32" Oscillating Air Circulator Tower Fan

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Product Properties

Oscillating Degrees Range80 degrees
Remote Controlled?Yes
Voice Controlled?No
Airflow252 CFM
Noise LevelLow 
Height31.72 inches
Number of Speeds3

An Overview of the Vornado OSCR32 32″ Oscillating Air Circulator Tower Fan

The Vornado OSCR32 32″ Oscillating Air Circulator Tower Fan comes with a remote control that can be used to control its multiple speed settings and other related features, and also a power cord that connects it to a power source.

It features an on-demand oscillation and inbuilt dual airflow settings capable of blowing enough air up to 65ft and into every nook and cranny of the space where it’s kept.

This quiet tower fan with a remote combines the power of an air blower and the height of a tower fan to give a highly satisfying performance that can keep you and your environment cool and comfortable.

With less than $100, you can get this Vornado OSCR32 which can easily be kept closer to beds, desks, and sofas to help keep your room cool and comfortable. The sophisticated motor and cooling beams that it comes with will blow enough air into your space for maximum comfort.

In addition, you do not have to worry about how to fix and use this modern tower fan because it is easy to use and the package also contains a user manual and guide to help you understand the functions of the various parts and how to use them for optimal performance.

Unique Features of Vornado OSCR32 32″ Oscillating Air Circulator Tower Fan

The Vornado OSCR32 Oscillating Air Circulator Tower Fan has some powerful features that enable its users to achieve maximum comfort and relaxation while using the fan.

Some of these outstanding features are:

Advanced Controls

This tower fan comes with highly touch-sensitive controls with an auto-dimming digital display that allows you to customize the fan for your comfort.

It has an energy-saving 3, 6, and 9-hour timer that shuts the tall fan off when it’s no longer in use.

Lustrous Design

The Vornado OSCR32 tower fan comes with a sharp integrated handle, an amazing chromed surface, and a silken design that enhances its functionality and style.

Classic Image

The contrasting matte and gloss black finish in addition to a chromed arch on the Vornado OSCR32 oscillating air circulator tower fan makes it sleek and adds class & style to any space where it’s kept.

Remote Control

This oscillating tower fan has a remote control that controls its oscillation, power settings, speed settings, and timer, bringing convenience to your indoor relaxation.

Sturdy Base

The tower fan comes with a firm base made of durable silicon that aids its stability for free airflow.

Multiple Speed Settings

The Vornado OSCR32 has 3-speed settings (low, medium, high) that you can toggle between for maximum comfort level.

Sleek Design

This powerful tower fan weighs just 7.45 lbs, making it easier to be taken to any room or place in a home where it’s needed. It stands at the dimension of 31.72 x 12 x 12 inches (H x D x W).

Benefits of Using Vornado OSCR32 32″ Oscillating Air Circulator Tower Fan

Here are some of the benefits of using the Vornado OSCR32 32″ Oscillating Air Circulator Tower Fan:

Suitable Airflow

When this oscillating tower fan is kept in a room, the constant air circulation and refreshing breeze from it will keep everyone comfortable and cool.

Proper Circulation

The inbuilt dual airflow settings in this quiet tower fan with a remote allow you to choose between Vornado OSCR32’s signature V-Flow action or on-demand oscillation for proper airflow throughout the room. You can also use the smooth oscillation settings to properly spread air across the room.

Easy Oscillation

This modern tower fan is designed for easy and smooth oscillation, with the chromed arch carrying handle providing comfortable room poise and style.

If you love an easy, steady, and sweeping oscillation relaxation, Vornado OSCR32 can provide you with all that. With its wind force that gives a refreshing breeze and continuous airflow, you are assured of maximum comfort.

Good Support

Buying cooling tower fans like Vornado OSCR32 Tower Fan directly transcends investing in top-notch design and performance that will give you maximum satisfaction. The tower fan comes with a 5 years warranty, is certified, tested for safety, and also guaranteed for use.

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable.
  • Have advanced control and multiple speed settings.
  • Optimum performance.


  • Absence of Alexa voice control feature.


How Do I Set the Timer on the Vornado OSCR32 Tower Fan?

There is a timer function button on the fan that you can press directly on or you use the remote to control for times of 3, 6, and 9 hours, depending on when you want it to switch off on its own.

Which Battery is Suitable for the Vornado OSCR32 Tower Fan Remote?

The suitable battery for this tower fan’s remote is CR2025 – Lithium 3V.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The Vornado OSCR32 32″ Oscillating Air Circulator Tower Fan is sleek, advanced, and works efficiently. If you are looking for a quality oscillating fan for your bedrooms, living rooms, offices, or any other indoor space in your home, then this fan is a good option.

It is affordable and will give you great value for your money without compromising quality, durability, and efficiency.