Lasko Wind Curve Portable Electric Tower Fan

Lasko Wind Curve Portable Electric Tower Fan

The introduction of tower fans in the market brought about new innovations in the world of standing fans. With a tower fan like the Lasko Wind Curve Portable Electric fan, you can still comfortably hear your TV even when it is at the highest speed. Normally, the height of an average tower fan contributes to the performance. This is because the taller it is, the more angle it covers. The Lasko Wind Curve Portable Electric fan comes with a dehumidifier, as well as an inbuilt purifier that purifies the air of free radicals.


Three Speed Levels

Three-speed levels power the Lasko Wind Curve portable fan: Higher, Low, and Medium, also represented by H/M/L signs.

Slip-resistant Base

You won't have to fear the fan falling, that is, in a situation where you have a smooth floor surface, thanks to the slip-resistant base that makes it stand firm.

Absolute Silence

The inlet located at the casting of the fan draws in a powerful air while still maintaining absolute silence.

The Blue Plug

It also comes with a safety feature called the "Blue Plug." The job of the blue plug is to work as a circuit breaker; it cuts off the sour e that sends current to the fan if it dictates an impending electrical hazard in the fan's power supply or motor.

Powerful Breeze Dispenser

Even with the portability, it doesn't stop it from dispensing a very powerful breeze. As for the energy-efficient timer, it can be set from up to 0.5 - 7.5 hours, hence, making it last for longer when the lights are out.

Quiet Strategic Oscillating Feature

Again, you will also get to enjoy the quiet strategic oscillating feature of this fan as the internal portable blends swings side by side, giving you nothing but the most healthy air.

Multi-functional Remote Controller

Enjoy the convenience that comes from owning this 42.5 inches oscillating particles standing fan using its multi-functional remote controller that allows you to change the speed from the comfort of your couch or bed.

Healthy Air

The Lasko Wind Curve portable fan is your sure bet to healthy air, thanks to the Ionizer that churns out billion of positive ions into the atmosphere, bonding with other positive charged ions to dispatch allergens like dust, smoke, pollen, bacteria, etc., and return a fresh, healthy air in the room. Normally, they come with ionizers that help in the air purification process; all users need to do is push the ionizer button.


The term 'Portability' attributed to this tower fan is not a mere formality; this is because of its small 13" x 13" footprint accompanied by a vertical, sleek design. This is to say, no matter how small your living space is, the Lasko Wind Curve Portable Electric fan has a way of sitting comfortably at any angle you have placed it yet performing optimally.

Pros & Cons





Because it has a feature like a remote controller, one easily change the speed from the comfort of their bed.

Saves Space

Because of it’s portability, users who stay in a medium size apartment can easily save some space, unlike if they had gone for the traditional standing fan.


Unlike what is obtainable in ceiling, and standing fans, this one come with much lesser weight. So, you can easily move it around with easy to any corner of the room.


 In as much as a ceiling or standing fan can give you that air you deserve, the fact remains that it occupies more space, especially in a small room apartment. As the demand for a fan that has the propensity to perform like every other traditional standing fan yet maintains its simplicity and lightweight keeps increasing, consumers have found a reason to divert their need to portable tower fans. Unlike the traditional standing fan, the tower fans are lightweight, tower-shaped, and have more concentrated air output when in use. So, when next you are looking for a lightweight yet efficient portable standing fan, look no further than the Lasko Wind Curve Portable Electric fan.

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