Vornado 184 Whole Room Air Circulator Tower Fan

Vornado 184 Whole Room Air Circulator Tower Fan

What’s your idea of an ideal tower fan? Well, whichever feature you wish to get in a portable fan, you are bound to see it in the all-new Vornado 184 Whole Room Air Circulator Tower Fan. It is designed specifically for those in need of a cool, gentle, healthy breeze in their minimum size living space. Unlike others, this one comes with a bit of artistic appearance, which is very visible in its curves and bends. Because a tower fan is mobile and often moved from place to place, a situation that might cause pressure on the body, durability must be the utmost concern when buying this fan.


Up to 90° Oscillation

This is one of the few tower fans that oscillate further than 90°; this is so because of the presence of the V-Flow Technology that helps its air cover a wider area of the room. The presence of a unique crosscut outlet creates a large steady flow of air, thus, ruling out completely the possibility of an unsteady oscillation.

4 Inches Diameter Blades

The air from the Vornado 184 Whole Room Air Circulator Tower fan just covers a larger part of the room; it also pushes up to 100 feet, thanks to its powerful motor coupled with the 4 inches diameter blades.

Reliable Energy Saving Timer

With its reliable energy-saving timer, users can comfortably monitor the fan's function and how it saves energy. The timer is programmed to countdown from 8-1 hour.

Push Button Power-on System

The control function of this fan is very simple, from its push-button power-on system, which is also companies by eight different indicator lights and four-speed level settings.

Remote Control

It also comes with remote control, which can easily help you control the fan from the comfort of your bed – this is a convenience, not everyone who uses tower fans get.

5 Year Warranty Package

The company didn't just succeed in coming out with a tower fan with a superior body; the superiority also expended to the support they introduced alongside the fan. That is to say, the Vornado Tower Fan comes with a five-year warranty package.

Different Sizes

Again, you can find the Vornado Tower Fan in different sizes: 184 - 41" and 154 - 32". This means that it is very suitable for both adults and kids alike.

US Electrical Voltage

As for the specified electrical voltage required, the Vornado Tower Fan is specially designed to work with the voltage standard, so it is highly recommended to be used only in the United States.

Light Weight

Desperate the superiority of a Vornado Tower Fan, the weight is still very moderate; the 41 inches measures 9.7 lbs.

Pros & Cons




Soundless Function

Because of the technology used in the manufacturing of tower fan, you will get to enjoy the noiseless performance of this fan while savouring the freshest breeze.


This fan comes with a 5 year-warranty. This means that the company takes full responsibility till after 5 years should any damage comes to it.


As you look for the best tower fan, it is recommended that you go for something with more artistic curves bends yet maintains its durability. And as you can see, the manufacturers of Vornado Tower Fan also considered customers whose choices differ, as in, people who need smaller tower fans that have the same quality as the bigger ones, hence, the production of smaller sizes. Also, understand that the air from this fan is stronger compared to what is obtainable in other tower fans; this means that it can comfortably cover rooms that measure more than medium in size. So, go ahead, leverage the power of the Vornado Tower Fan, and be glad you did.

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