LivePure LP1900FAN-W Tall Bladeless Fan Review

The LivePure Blade Tall Bladeless Fan Air Circulating Tower fan is remarkable in several ways. This explains why there are tons of positive reviews about this product on various platforms. Well, this is not enough information for you to get this product or take a rain check.

For this reason, a detailed review will be carried out by paying attention to this fan’s unique features, benefits, downsides, and some other things. You should follow through to the end of this article and pay keen attention as you do so to make the right decision. But first, let us start with a tabular diagram that explains what LivePure Tall Bladeless Air Circulating tower fan offers.

LivePure Blade, Tall Bladeless Fan

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Product Properties

Oscillating Degree Range45 degrees
Remote Controlled?Yes
Voice Controlled?No
Noise Level 
Height43 inches
Number of Speeds3

Overview of LivePure Blade Tall Bladeless Fan

LivePure is not a newcomer in the business of manufacturing amazing tower fans. However, the LivePure Blade, Tall Bladeless Fan, Air Circulating Tower fan is one of a kind in many regards. For one, this is because it is one of the most powerful tower fan quiet tower fan with remote features.

In addition to this, the fact that this quiet tower fan is a tall fan is an added incentive, allowing it to reach parts of the room that may be difficult for regular fans. This is also coupled with the fact that it has an oscillating range of 45 degrees. It is for these reasons and several others that it is a go-to option for people that need areas like their bedroom, living room, office, and other interior spaces cool.

Unique Features of LivePure Blade Tall Bladeless Fan

There are special features that users of this modern tower fan can be certain of. Some of these special features include the following:

Timer Features

There is no doubt that a fan is needed in your space. However, you do not need it working at all times. Well, with cooling tower fans like this one, things are a lot easier. This is because of the timer features that can be engaged. You can have the timer set to one, two, four, or even eight hours.

Remote Control

You do not always have to reach the exact spot this fan tower is to get things done. The reason is that a lot can be done using the remote device.

Variety in Speed

There are three-speed options that can be made use of with LivePure Blade, Tall Bladeless Fan, Air Circulating Tower Fan. Depending on what you want, you can have the speed set at normal, natural, or sleep.

Bladeless Technology

Bladeless technology is the best of what fan manufacturers have to offer in this day and age. Well, LivePure Blade, Tall Bladeless Fan, Air Circulating Tower Fan are very high up on the list of impressive fans that use this technology.

Quiet Sound

If you are worried about the noise that is associated with using fans, there is pretty much nothing to be worried about with this tower fan. This is because what is emitted in terms of sound is nothing more than whispers.  So, you can go about doing what you do (including taking a nap) without being bothered by noise.

Benefits of Using LivePure Blade Tall Bladeless Fan

You should not decide to purchase a fan until you have a good idea of the benefits that come with using it. Well, there are several of them, and they include the following:

Easy to Use

This is one of the major highlights of using this tower fan. The remote features are the major reason for this.

Value for Money

This is one good option to consider if you want to get value for every cent on the dollar spent. The sheer amount of unique features and the several benefits best explains this.

Easy to Set Up

Setting up this tower Fan after purchase is not a daunting task. There is a detailed guide to help out. Other than this, the few components are not hard to assemble.


With a weight of 8.5 pounds, moving this tower fan around when the need arises is not a daunting task. So, you might want to take note of this when deciding to get a fan.

Aesthetic Appeal

Functionality is the major aim of getting a fan. However, it does not do any harm if the fan looks amazing because of the design.

Well, this is what you get with this Bladeless Fan, as it offers aesthetic appeal. In addition to this, it also fits perfectly into your space because of its considerate size.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to move around
  • Has aesthetic appeal
  • It is not noisy
  • Remote Control Features
  • Timer Features
  • Easy to Set Up


  • Expensive compared to several other tower fans
  • The oscillation range is no more than 45 degrees
  • Less airflow is felt when you are situated far away from the fan
  • It has no more than a 3-speed range

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the LivePure Blade Tall Bladeless Fan Fan be used with a Remote?

Yes, it can be used with a remote. With this, you can conveniently control how the fan works in regards to speed, timer, oscillating features, and more.

Are there Voice Control Features with LivePure Blade Tall Bladeless Fan?

This product by the LivePure brand cannot be controlled using voice features. Rather, the height of convenience is using the remote that comes with this product.

Is the LivePure Blade Tall Bladeless FanFan Energy-Efficient?

The LivePure Blade, Air Circulating Tower Fan is very energy efficient. It consumes a lot less than many other fans (especially blade technology fans).

Conclusion and Recommendation

Without mincing words, the truth is that several other tower fans are cheaper than LivePure Blade, Tall Bladeless Fan, Air Circulating Tower Fan. So, this happens to be a major downside of this tower fan as perceived by some people.

However, we strongly recommend that you get the LivePure Blade, Tall Bladeless Fan, Air Circulating Tower Fan if you want value for every cent on the dollar spent. This is because of the several amazing features and benefits of using this cooling device.