10000mAh Battery Operated Misting Fan with Clip

10000mAh Battery Operated Misting Fan

This is another powerful portable misting fan in the market that has the capability to perform like it’s standing fan counterparts. This that kind of fan that you usually see on outdoor events, those fans that are usually placed on the attendee’s tables, especially in a hot weather situation.

Not just that, you can as well clip it on one of the patios, making dispense cool powerful breeze while hanging. It is also used for camping purposes, and compared to the rugged nature at which it is manufactured, it is sure enough to withstand the forces of nature – it is best recommended for both outdoor and indoor use.


Strong Battery Life

This Battery Operated Misting Fan comes with a 10000mAh battery strength. This feature always the fan to work for more than 40 hours when fully charged.

Mist Mode

The fan comes with two mist modes with 200ml Tank. Just do the normal connection and see this feature works out perfectly fine. We recommend you see the user manual for more information on this.

USB Charging Ports

The Battery Operated Misting Fan comes with a separate USB port where users can charge some minor electronic gadgets like iPhone, mp3, etc. And it does this while still dispensing powerful air.

2 Inches Clamp

The 2 inches Clamp that came with this fan allows users to fix the fan on a firm surface firmly. With this, you can comfortably clip it on any of the rooms: children rooms, kitchen, Office, etc.

Pros & Cons





You can comfortably move this fan from one location to the other. This is why it is recommended as the best portable camping fan: you can actually move it from one camping area to another.

USB Charging Ports

It comes with a USB charging port, meaning that while camping and out of urban life, you can easily plug your electric gadgets like iPhone,  smartphones, etc., on it while the fan continues to dispense a powerful cool breeze.


As the portable misting fan continues to dominate the market, outdoor event planners, especially campers have leveraged the opportunity the battery-operated misting fan has presented. And when it comes to using it on events, it has the capability to serve four people on the same table, considering its 360° rotation feature. This fan is also recommended for people who frequent the gym, dancing studio, etc. It is a good companion to take along, considering the fact that it can work as long as 48 uninterrupted hours, so far as it is fully charged.

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