OEMTOOLS 23978 20" Tilting Pedestal Misting Fan

OEMTOOLS 23978 20" Tilting Pedestal Misting Fan

Meet another rugged, heavy-duty misting standing fan that comes with a 360° oscillation feature. This one looks more advanced than others; this is because of some unique features it comes with, e.g. water resistance, aluminium base, etc. This is your perfect fan for outdoor events like patio gatherings, pool parties, etc. Its aluminium blades make it possible to dispatch powerful air throughout the event area.

If not the performance, the design that comes with this fan is enough to make you fall in love with it. So, if you are looking for a misting fan that can cover the whole event area, make sure you make it the Tilting Pedestal Misting Fan.


Three-speed Aluminium Blades

The three powerful blades on this fan are the reason for the powerful, gentle, and healthy breeze that emanates from it. It measures 8 inches and has the ability to perform as long as it is powered by electricity.


This is indeed an outdoor industry misting fan. It has the capability to work all day, even in the rain. It comes with a special feature that prevents water from penetrating the main engine.

3 Speed Level Control

The Tilting Pedestal Misting Fan comes with 3-speed level control that is powerful enough to beat any hot weather. This control feature can produce up to 5400 CFM airflow, and the circulation is extremely wide.

Heavy Weight

Well, you don’t expect a fan with these powerful features to come in lightweight. It measures 26 pounds in total weight and ‎24.7 x 24.1 x 9.1 inches in dimension.

120 V/60 Hz AC Unit

The standard AC electric system for this fan is 120V. So, if you use anything below it, it might end up underperforming.

Pros & Cons




Unlimited Gentle Breeze

The Tilting Pedestal Misting Fan doesn’t compromise when it comes to releasing the healthiest air in an outdoor setting. With a misting fan like this, you are sure to beat the hot weather.

Saves Money

Instead of spending money buying many traditional standing fans in the gym, you can as well get a misting fan like the Tilting Pedestal Misting. It has the capability to serve optimally.

360° Oscillation feature

The fan has the capacity to perform a 360° oscillation while spraying its misting strategically.


This fan is designed with an effective misting feature. To further explain the uniqueness of this brand, you don’t need to fill the tank every now and then; you just have to connect the pipe to your water source and link it directly to the fan. Although there have been many misting fans out there that can still perform optimally, Tilting Pedestal Misting Fan comes with some little uniqueness, hence, stands out. Finally, it is important to mention that this fan is quite heavy, you might want to need some help when lifting it.

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