NewAir AF-600 Outdoor Misting Fan

NewAir AF-600 Outdoor Misting Fan

What’s your idea of an ideal outdoor Misting Fan? Whichever one is your choice, make sure the NewAir AF-600 Outdoor Misting Fan is on the list. With its five bronze blades and powerful oscillating feature, you are bound to enjoy your outdoor parties, even under the hottest weather condition.

The most important aspect of any outdoor fan is the type of engine it comes with; because it is meant to cover a large area, it should be able to have a motor powerful enough to dispatch such air. And there you have it; the NewAir AF-600 Outdoor Misting Fan was specially designed for such purposes: to serve a very large gathering, more reason it comes with a 120V motor engine that propels the blades to dispense the most powerful cool breeze.


3 Speed Levels

Because it was designed to make the most impact, the NewAir AF-600 Outdoor Misting Fan is designed with three-speed levels that make sure that the air from this fan is controlled, just in case, there is a change in weather condition.

Eco Friendly

Unlike in other outdoor fans that comes with freon and other complimentary chemicals, NewAir AF-600 Outdoor Misting Fan makes use of clean evaporation. That way, it is able to maintain cool, healthy air for everyone.

Combination of and Metal

This fan is designed with a perfect combination of plastic and metal; together, they can make up a quality misting fan. The basket is made of metal, thereby shading it from any form of an external object that comes in contact, while the blades are made of plastic. Together, they create a powerful, healthy misting air.

5 Blades

The NewAir AF-600 Outdoor Misting fan comes with five powerful blades. These blades merge with their powerful motor to dispense the most powerful cool breeze.


The NewAir AF-600 Outdoor Misting fan is light in weight and measures 18-Inch. It is also slim and has fine designs yet dispenses the most airflow. It was designed so that it will fit into any patio space.

Pros & Cons




Tall Enough

This fan measures 18-Inch tall, meaning that it has the capability to circulate air at a greater proportion, unlike what is applicable in a normal standing fan.

Healthy Air

You are bound to get the healthiest air when you use this fan, probably because of its eco-friendly qualities.

It is Adjustable

Although the NewAir AF-600 Outdoor Misting fan measures 28 inches, it is very much adjustable. Meaning that to a greater extent, you have control over the fan’s function.

It is Safe

This misting fan comes with a leakage protection device; this device protects the fan from a sudden water leak. There is also the GFCI plug that also works with a 120V three-prong outlet.


Long before now, party hosts have always battled with getting a fan that works for long and can cover a large area. Misting fans like the NewAir AF-600 Outdoor have come to fill in that space, considering its powerful qualities. The company is very much committed to making sure that this fan meets the standard requirements for quality products from the look of things. This is why you see modern features in the fan, especially in the motor area. Finally, you have to also understand that you have to look out for an AC unit to use this fan. This is because it comes with a powerful motor that needs up to 120V to function optimally.

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