3 Cooling Speeds High RPM Oscillating Fan with Misting Kit

High RPM Oscillating Fan with Misting Kit

This is another misting fan that had the capacity to create a huge noticeable impact on users. It is a complete outdoor specifically designed for outdoor events like pool parties, patio gatherings, BBQ parties, and likes. It also comes with an adjustable feature, meaning that it can even serve a larger crowd.

The introduction of this fan is coming at a time when the need for a fan that can serve a larger number of people simultaneously is growing. Despite these powerful features, it also comes with some appealing designs and curves that will make anyone pick interest at first sight.


3 Speed Level

The Oscillating Fan with Misting Kit comes with three cooling speeds with a high RPM. This means that you have a choice to choose the amount of air you want at a particular point in time. And most of the time, the weather condition motivates the decision to change the speed level. Its medium level can go as low as 900 rpm; way up to 1100 rpm speeds are perfect. The third level can go as far as 1280 rpm.

Adjustable Height

This fan comes with a 19 inches adjustable metal pole that holds the Telescopic Neck. This means that you are in total control of how the air should flow and its direction. It can be adjusted up to 50 inches long and as short as 40 inches short.

Tray Base

The Oscillating Fan with Misting Kit also comes with a tray Base, which makes it absolutely impossible to be pushed down by unintended external force.

Pros & Cons




It Comes with a Misting Kit

Unlike what is obtainable in most Misting Fans, the company added a Misting kit to this fan, that way you won’t have to worry about spending more money buying a Misting Kit.

Very Firm

You won’t have to worry about external pressures from your environment, e.g. strong wind, etc. And for the fact that it is often used in outdoor events, there are likely to be random push from the crowd – you won’t have to worry about that too. This is because of it’s tray-like base that allows it stand firm against these factors.

Maximum Speed

Aside from it’s misting feature, you will get to enjoy an intense, gentle breeze that emanates from it. Again, you are also totally in control of this speed, considering the fact that it comes with a  3-speed control level.


Having seen the Oscillating Fan with Misting Kit in action, we make bold to recommend this brand for people that are into hosting outdoor events like barbecues parties, pool parties, etc. It has what it takes to maintain a cool breeze for as long as it works. One other thing about this fan is that it doesn’t come in lightweights, it measures 20.5 x 20.5 x 14.75 inches in size, and weighs 27 pounds in total weight. Again, it is also coated with a UV resistance meant for all weather conditions, a misting kit, GFCI plug, and four metal blades.

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