Lasko U35115 Electric Oscillating Tower Fan Review

Lasko U35115 Electric Oscillating Tower Fan Review

Every year, thousands of powerful tower fans, amidst other electrical home appliances are sent into the market. This increase in supply by industry giants has made the decision-making power of customers sit on a low pedestal. Not to worry, This guide gives adequate insight into the Lasko U35115 Electric Oscillating Tower Fan to give deeper insight when seeking to invest in a cheap (but effective) tower fan.

Although top-tier tech innovations like the air conditioner are dominating the home and office appliances market, it can be seen that a good number of people still opt for electrical tower fans essentially because they do not add up to the energy bill as much as the air conditioner does and you can have them wherever you want in your home, not fixed to a corner.

Lasko U35115 Electric Oscillating High Velocity Stand-Up Tower Fan

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Product Properties

Oscillating degree range90 degrees
Remote Controlled?Yes
Voice Controlled?No
Airflow25% more
Noise levelModerately low
Height35.03 inches
Number of speeds3

Overview of Lasko U3115 Tower Fan

The U35115 is a highly efficient home and office appliance. This unit also doubles as one of the most powerful tower fans sitting on the market today. The Lasko U35115 is the confluence of high performance and user-friendliness which is the hallmark of innovative home appliance production. This unit primes its line of products as it supports powerful motor addition that increases airflow and ups output by 25% more than another conventional fan tower.

There is usually heightened competition in the home-appliance market which makes staying afloat the plethora of useful home devices close to impossible. This fan tower ensures that all required features are made readily available for its users. Innovative additions like sleek/portable body construction as well as vast control options are all part of the company’s story to tell as they present a broad range of users with the ultimate home companion.

Amazing Features of the Lasko U35115 Electric Oscillating High Voltage Standing Tower Fan

Powerful Remote-control feature

The Lasko tower fan with remote-controlled addition gives you more air velocity than you would get on more expensive brands on the market. We loved that this fan tower can produce a top-speed velocity of up to 25% more airflow.

Three Speed Levels

Similar to other modern tower fans, this product comes with three different speed levels that are engaged to suit your present need. Although the control on vibration is great on this cooling tower fan, it can get a bit noisy as the velocity of the motor increases.

Different Control Options

In addition to easy control, one exciting feature that users look out for is the variety of control options. The Lasko modern tower fan has a portable remote control that lets you engage the speed of this tall fan. It gets more fascinating when you don’t have to get up to operate this fan because it comes with an energy-efficient timer that can last up to 7 hours. For an efficient fan tower that costs a little above 70 dollars, you can bet to have all your home and office needs met any time, any day.

Great Design

Product design has always been a major point of appeal to customers for home and office appliance production companies. Moreover, Lasko beats the competition this time with a super space-saving design, standing this modern tower fan at 33 inches with a sleek body.

Benefits of using the Lasko U35115 Electric Oscillating Tower Fan

Better Airflow

The powerful motor on this home appliance blows air in a specific direction to help you touch down the heat in no time at all. This is a good innovation to help combat heat, from cooking in the kitchen to getting fresh air after a long walk home under sunny weather.

Control Integration

This cooling tower fan comes fully assembled right out of the box, with an integrated feature that enables you to exert maximum control over the breeze operation. Furthermore, this feature comes in handy for people who wouldn’t subscribe to the idea of reading a long guide before operating the fan.

Guaranteed Safety

Think of any feature that makes an oscillating fan safe indoors and you have the Lasko U35115. For increased mobility in your home, we loved that this product supports a sturdy grip for use across different places in your comfort.


With the Lasko U35115 electrical oscillating fan, you can enjoy lengthy cooking in the kitchen without having to worry about the heat generated from your task. Because you can shuffle the use of this fan between different places in your home, durability might come in as a major concern, but this shouldn’t be a cause of worry as you can always exercise control over the appliances from a distance, without having to touch it now and then.

Pros and Cons


  • This oscillating fan has safe technology integration
  • It is very affordable
  • The Lasko U35115 fan is easy to carry about different spots in your office
  • It is maintenance compliant
  • Supports remote control for easy accessibility


  • The durability of this fan could be batter
  • Airflow on this product is not resolute

Frequently Asked Questions on the Lasko U35115 Electric Oscillating Tower Fan

Is there any instructions on how to assemble the base of this fan?

There are no instructions for the base assembly as it comes completely attached to the streamlined fan.

Is the Lasko U35115 Electric Oscillating Tower Fan filter cleanable?

Yes, you can take out the filter of this oscillating fan to keep up with the maintenance.

Does the entire vent of this fan produce air?

No, only the top half of the streamline vent produces air

Conclusion and Recommendation

The Lasko U35115 electrical fan tower is the go-to product that can serve a variety of uses in your home, office, or basement. This electrical fan is geared at ensuring that users get maximum satisfaction and friendly control over any condition that they find themselves in. Therefore, if you are looking for an electric fan that gives you convenience and versatility of options, then this product is your sure bet.

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