Lasko T38400 Electric Hybrid Review

Lasko T38400 Electric Hybrid Review

Lasko is a brand that has been on the market for over 100 years and is reputable for delivering durable products. The Lasko T38400 Electric Oscillating Hybrid Tower Fan is one of the most powerful tower fans out there.

This article reviews this hybrid tower fan and gives you accurate information on its features and specifications. You will also learn the benefits of using this product as well as the pros and cons. This article will help you make a healthy choice.

Lasko T38400 Electric Oscillating Hybrid Tower Fan

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Product Properties

Oscillating Degrees RangeN/A
Remote Controlled?Yes
Voice Controlled?No
Airflow25% more
Noise LevelIncreases with speed
Height38 inches
Number Of Speeds4

Overview of the Lasko T38400 Tower Fan

The Lasko tower fan comes with a cord that makes it connectable to a power source. It features 4 speed levels, adding to its versatility. If you need to get smell out of an enclosed space, you can set this oscillating tower fan on top speed and have it blow out the smell within minutes.

If you are using it in a large living room, any setting can be convenient depending on your preferences. You can set it on the second or third speed to get the heat out and make the temperature more comfortable. If you and your family are watching the television, you can set the fan to blow at the lowest speed for minimal noise. You can use it in your bedroom and have a peaceful night’s rest with minimal noise. The noise increases as the speed increases, making it suitable for use under any condition.

The oscillation on this fan is impressive, making it deliver a generous air flow to every corner of your space. You can use this fan in your room or kitchen and even your office. The fan tower makes it suitable for use in any indoor space.

This fan comes with remote control built to render multiple functions. It lets you regulate the fan and achieve any function you want from the comfort of your seat or your bed.

Furthermore, this quiet tower fan with a remote is built to perform optimally as it combines the build of a tower fan and the energy of an air blower. The result is an unbeatable optimal performance.

It is easy to use and comes with a manual to make it even easier. From the get-go, you can operate the fan easily. If you need assistance, the manual is ever-present to point you in the right direction.

Features of Lasko T38400 Electric Oscillating Hybrid Tower Fan

This electric oscillating fan has some features that make it worth every dollar you will spend on it:

Multiple function Remote control

This fan features a multiple-function remote control. This feature lets you use the fan with style and sophistication. It makes it luxurious as you can be on your seat and have your fan perform as you want it to.

Auto-off timer

You can also set the timer to let the fan go off automatically, you can leave the fan on while you fall asleep or go out and have it go off at a specific time.

Widespread oscillation

The fan is designed to deliver fresh air to every area of a large living room. You can use it in a large space and with people seated in different corners and have the fan serve all of them.

4 fan speeds

This fan features 4 fan speed levels. You can decide on what speed level to put it. This feature let you use the fan for more than just receiving fresh air. You can use it to blow off smell, dry clothes, and other items.

Benefits of using Lasko T38400 Electric Oscillating Hybrid Tower Fan

This oscillating fan has some benefits that you just cannot overlook:

Great returns for your money

With this fan, you are sure to get the best returns for your money. It performs optimally and is designed for longevity.


This fan is affordable for most people. It comes at a price that complements its versatility and optimal performance.

Generous air circulation

With this tall fan, you can cool the temperature in your room and have the air circulate properly.

Easy to use

You do not need to sweat while using this fan. If you are using it for the first time, you can have it running with a few easy steps.

Saves space

The fan features a 12” by 12” footprint that makes the fan save space. the tower design lets it fit into tiny spaces.


The Lasko T38400 oscillating fan boasts of many years of effective performance. It is built with durable parts that make it withstand years of continuous usage.

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable.
  • Durabile quality
  • Versatile performance
  • Optimal performance


  • Noise increases with speed setting

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Lasko T38400 cool an entire space?

Yes. The Lasko T38400 is designed to release air generously, 25% more than the regular fan. It can deliver air to every corner of a large room, cooling the whole space.

Does Lasko T38400 last long?

Lasko is a brand that has been in the market for a long time and their products are trustworthy. The T38400 is a product that will last long as it is designed for durability, like other Lasko products.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The Lasko T38400 Electric Oscillating Hybrid Tower Fan works efficiently and is durable. It is a great option for people who need a quality oscillating fan in offices, kitchens, rooms, or other indoor spaces.

Also, if you want to save some money without compromising performance and style, this modern tower fan is a great product to buy.

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