Vornado vs KITPLUS Tower Fans: The Ultimate Comparison!

Vornado vs KITPLUS Tower Fans: The Ultimate Comparison!

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If you’re in the market for a new tower fan, you may have come across the brands Vornado and KITPLUS in your search. Both companies have a strong reputation for producing high-quality products, but how do they compare against each other? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the backgrounds of both companies, their product offerings, marketing strategies, and customer satisfaction to help you make an informed decision.

First, let’s explore the company backgrounds of Vornado and KITPLUS. Vornado was founded in the 1940s and has a long history of producing innovative and efficient air circulators. KITPLUS, on the other hand, is a relatively new player in the market, but has quickly gained popularity for their sleek and modern tower fans.

Moving onto their product offerings, both brands offer a variety of tower fans with different features and price points to cater to a range of customers. Vornado primarily focuses on air circulators with their signature Vortex technology, while KITPLUS offers a range of tower fans with varying speeds and oscillation options.

When it comes to marketing strategy, Vornado emphasizes their superior technology and performance, while KITPLUS focuses on the design and aesthetics of their products. Both companies have a strong online presence and positive reviews from customers.

Lastly, customer satisfaction is a key factor in any purchasing decision. According to reviews and ratings, both brands have a good reputation for delivering on their promises. Vornado customers praise the airflow and noise level of their products, while KITPLUS customers appreciate the modern design and quiet operation of their tower fans.

In conclusion, while both Vornado and KITPLUS offer quality tower fans with unique features, it ultimately comes down to personal preference and needs. We hope this article has helped you make a more informed decision in your search for a new tower fan.

Company Background

Vornado and KITPLUS are two well-known companies in the tower fan industry. While Vornado has been in the business for more than six decades, KITPLUS is a fairly new player in the market. Both companies have gained a reputation for their high-quality tower fans that are designed to provide efficient cooling and air circulation.

Vornado was founded in 1945 in Andover, Kansas, by Ralph K. Odor. The company initially manufactured airplane propellers, but soon moved into the fan industry with the invention of the Vortex Action technology. This technology produces a spiral of air that travels throughout the entire room, ensuring even distribution of cool air and eliminating hot and cold spots. Vornado’s core values revolve around innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. Its mission statement is “to create products that enhance people’s lives while providing exceptional value.”

Over the years, Vornado has earned numerous awards and accolades for its innovative products. In 2017, the Vornado 660 was named the Best Tower Fan by Wirecutter, a popular product review website. The company’s energy-efficient products have also earned the Energy Star certification, which is awarded to products that meet strict energy-efficiency guidelines.

KITPLUS, on the other hand, was founded in 2018 in Hong Kong. The company focuses on developing tower fans that are designed to meet the needs of modern consumers. KITPLUS’s core values include sustainability, innovation, and simplicity. Its mission statement is “to create products that are stylish, eco-friendly, and easy to use, while providing exceptional customer service.”

Despite being a new player in the market, KITPLUS has already made its mark with its range of tower fans that come with advanced features such as wireless controls, air purification, and bladeless designs. The company’s products have earned a loyal following among consumers who value sustainability and energy efficiency.

While Vornado and KITPLUS have different backgrounds and approaches, both companies share a commitment to producing high-quality tower fans that meet the needs of modern consumers. Whether you’re looking for a fan to cool your home or office, or you want to improve air circulation and promote healthy indoor air quality, both Vornado and KITPLUS have products that are worth considering. With an emphasis on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, these companies are set to continue driving the tower fan industry forward.

Product Offerings

When it comes to choosing a tower fan, consumers are often presented with a vast array of options. In particular, two brands stand out from the rest with their innovative features and competitive pricing: Vornado and KITPLUS.

Vornado tower fans are known for their patented V-Flow technology, which creates a spiraling flow of air that can circulate air throughout a room. This results in a more consistent and even distribution of air, making it a great choice for larger spaces. Additionally, Vornado fans offer a range of fan speeds and oscillation settings, allowing users to customize their cooling experience.

On the other hand, KITPLUS tower fans are notable for their sleek and modern design, making them a popular choice for those who prioritize aesthetics. However, KITPLUS fans do not compromise on functionality, offering features such as adjustable heights, wind modes, and timers to make for a personalized experience.

When comparing the quality and price of each brand’s products, it is important to consider the specific needs of the user. For those who prioritize consistent airflow, Vornado fans may be the better choice. However, if style and customization are more important, KITPLUS fans may be the way to go.

Another factor to consider is the size of the space that requires cooling. Vornado fans are designed to circulate air in larger areas, while KITPLUS fans may be more suitable for smaller rooms. As with any purchase, it is important to carefully consider the specifications of each product to ensure that it aligns with the user’s needs.

Overall, both Vornado and KITPLUS offer high-quality tower fans with unique features and competitive pricing. Depending on the individual’s needs, one brand may be more suitable than the other. It is important to do thorough research and consider all factors before making a purchase.

Marketing Strategies

When it comes to marketing strategies, Vornado and KITPLUS have different approaches. Vornado is known for its high-quality tower fans that provide a strong, powerful airflow. On the other hand, KITPLUS focuses on creating affordable yet effective tower fans that cater to the needs of budget-conscious consumers.

Vornado’s marketing tactics involve showcasing the effectiveness of their tower fans through social media posts and creating visually appealing advertisements. They aim to reach a wide audience, including homeowners and businesses, through digital ads on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Their target audience varies from hot summer climates to year-round use as their fans all feature different settings to be used in different seasons and environments. Their advertising usually highlights the quality and powerful airflow of their fans and the durable construction of their products.

KITPLUS, on the other hand, focuses on affordability as their main selling point. They use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to advertise their products to people looking for more affordable options without compromising functionality. KITPLUS’ target audience includes homeowners and renters alike who want an efficient tower fan that won’t break the bank. Their marketing is straightforward and emphasizes the affordability of their products while also highlighting the features they offer such as multiple speed settings, timer functions, and remote control options.

Comparing the effectiveness of Vornado and KITPLUS’ advertising efforts can be challenging as both brands cater to different audiences and budgets. Vornado’s marketing tactics are more geared towards showcasing the benefits of owning a high-quality, efficient tower fan that can handle even the hottest of summer days. On the other hand, KITPLUS emphasizes its affordability while also making sure their tower fans have the necessary features to satisfy customers.

One anecdote is the way both different products approach their marketing strategies. While Vornado highlights the quality of the product, KITPLUS focuses on affordability. However, the functionality of their products is similar, and both provide effective and reliable cooling for any home or office space. Depending on the budget and needs of the consumer, they may lean towards either the premium quality of Vornado or the affordability of KITPLUS.

Furthermore, word-of-mouth marketing plays an essential role in the effectiveness of both Vornado and KITPLUS’s advertising efforts. As customers leave reviews and share their experiences with others, promoting the brand’s quality and reliability becomes integral to the long-term success of the brand. Both Vornado and KITPLUS have a strong online presence, which has effectively helped them get their message across to their target audience.

In conclusion, both Vornado and KITPLUS have different approaches to marketing, but both prove effective in reaching their respective target audiences. Vornado focuses on high-quality, efficient tower fans that cater to a wide range of customers while KITPLUS provides affordable yet effective products. The effectiveness of their advertising is subjective and depends on the consumer’s budget and needs. In the end, the key is to create effective marketing campaigns that resonate with your target audience while appealing to their needs.

Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to purchasing a tower fan, there are several factors to consider. One of the most important of these factors is customer satisfaction. In this article, we will review the customer satisfaction of two popular tower fan brands, Vornado and KITPLUS.

Customer Feedback and Ratings

The first step in analyzing customer satisfaction is to look at customer feedback and ratings. Both Vornado and KITPLUS have a loyal customer base and receive high overall ratings across various e-commerce platforms.

Vornado’s customers praise the brand for its superior air circulation and whisper-quiet operation. Many reviewers also appreciate the fan’s sleek design and user-friendly controls. The brand’s customer feedback for its tower fans fall into the 4-star and 5-star quality categories.

On the other hand, KITPLUS’s customers rave about the brand’s affordability, easy assembly, and high-quality performance. The tower fans offered by KITPLUS have reviews that are mostly within the 4-star quality category with some 3-star reviews.

Level of Customer Service

The level of customer service provided by each brand also plays an important role in customer satisfaction. In general, both Vornado and KITPLUS provide good customer service and offer multiple channels for customer support.

Vornado’s customers praise the brand’s responsive customer service team who assist them with their needs whenever they’re needed. The brand has a dedicated customer support page on their website for frequently asked questions and ensures a 5-year warranty for most of the customers that buy their products.

KITPLUS has customer support available through its own website and through some third-party retailers. Some buyers have noted that KITPLUS’s customer service team is particularly helpful during the ordering process.

Guarantees and Warranties

Last but not least, guarantees and warranties can also affect customer satisfaction. Vornado offers a 5-year warranty on most of its tower fans, while KITPLUS has a shorter warranty period of between 1-3 years depending on the product. Although a longer warranty may seem appealing, it’s essential to consider the cost-effectiveness of a product with an added warranty.


Overall, both Vornado and KITPLUS are highly regarded brands for tower fans. Vornado is most notable for its superior air circulation and customer service, while KITPLUS receives praise for its affordability and performance. In choosing between the two brands, it is essential to consider factors such as customer satisfaction as well as guarantees and warranties. We hope that this review has been helpful in guiding your search for the perfect tower fan.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Vornado and KITPLUS are two of the most respected brands in the tower fan industry. As consumers become increasingly concerned about the impact of their purchases on the environment and global community, it is important to evaluate the corporate social responsibility (CSR) of the companies behind the products we buy. In this article, we will analyze the CSR commitments of Vornado and KITPLUS, the sustainable practices they implement, and the charitable contributions and partnerships they engage in.

Vornado has long been recognized as a leader in the HVAC industry, and their focus on CSR is no exception. The company has developed a comprehensive sustainability program called “Vornado Green,” which outlines their commitment to sustainable operations, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility. As part of this program, Vornado has set aggressive goals for reducing their greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, and waste generation. They have also established a program to track and report their progress towards these goals annually.

One of the most impressive sustainable practices that Vornado has implemented is an innovative waste reduction program. The company has partnered with a waste management company to divert more than 80% of their waste from landfills and incineration. Instead, this waste is recycled, repurposed, or composted, reducing the environmental impact of their operations.

In terms of charitable contributions and partnerships, Vornado has a long history of engaging with local, national, and global organizations to support education, community development, and disaster relief efforts. The company has provided significant financial and in-kind donations to organizations such as the American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, and the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

KITPLUS is a relatively newer player in the tower fan industry, but they have already established a strong commitment to CSR. The company’s sustainability program, called “KITPLUS Cares,” focuses on reducing their environmental impact and improving the lives of their employees and the communities in which they operate. One of the standout initiatives of this program is their commitment to using only non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials in their products.

In addition to prioritizing sustainable materials, KITPLUS has also implemented a robust waste reduction program. The company partners with a leading waste management firm to recycle or repurpose 90% of their waste. They have also implemented energy-efficient lighting and HVAC systems in their facilities to reduce their carbon footprint.

KITPLUS is also committed to giving back to the community through charitable partnerships. The company has donated funds and resources to organizations such as the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, the National Forest Foundation, and the World Wildlife Fund. They have also established a program to match employee donations to charitable organizations.

While both Vornado and KITPLUS have demonstrated a strong commitment to CSR, there are some areas where these companies differ. For example, Vornado has set more aggressive sustainability goals than KITPLUS, especially when it comes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption. However, KITPLUS has been more proactive in using only environmentally friendly materials in their products.

In terms of charitable contributions and partnerships, both companies are active supporters of local and global causes. Vornado has a longer history of engagement with charitable organizations, but KITPLUS has already established meaningful partnerships with several important organizations.

In conclusion, Vornado and KITPLUS are both leaders in the tower fan industry and have made significant commitments to CSR. From aggressive sustainability goals to waste reduction initiatives and charitable partnerships, these companies are making a positive impact on the environment and communities around the world. Whether you are a consumer looking to make sustainable purchasing decisions or an investor evaluating the social and environmental impact of your holdings, these companies are worth your attention.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main features of Vornado tower fans?

Vornado tower fans are known for their unique V-Flow technology which allows them to circulate air throughout an entire room. This technology is different than traditional tower fans in that it doesn’t just blow air outward in one direction, but instead distributes air in a wide angle, ensuring consistent circulation in the room. Additionally, Vornado tower fans are designed for quiet operation and feature user-friendly controls that make it easy to switch between settings. They also come with a timer function which is perfect for those who want to save energy and use their tower fan only when they are in the room.

What makes KITPLUS Tower Fan stand out?

KITPLUS Tower Fan stands out for its unique design and compact size. It is perfect for people who are looking for a fan that is not only functional but also visually pleasing. The KITPLUS tower fan has a slim profile that is perfect for small spaces. It also has a sleek design and comes with a remote control that makes it easy to adjust the fan’s settings without having to get up. The KITPLUS Tower Fan also features a built-in air purifier that helps to remove dust and allergens from the air, making it great for people with allergies or asthma.

Can Vornado and KITPLUS tower fans be used in large rooms?

Yes, both Vornado and KITPLUS tower fans are designed to be used in large rooms. The Vornado’s V-Flow technology ensures that air is circulated throughout the entire room, while the KITPLUS Tower Fan can oscillate to distribute air over a wider area. However, it is important to note that while these fans can be used in large rooms, they may not be as effective as an air conditioning system in very hot weather. They are, however, an excellent way to increase air circulation and can help to make a room feel cooler and more comfortable.

How do Vornado and KITPLUS tower fans compare to traditional box fans?

Vornado and KITPLUS tower fans are designed to be more efficient and effective than traditional box fans. Unlike box fans, which blow air in one direction, tower fans are designed to evenly distribute air throughout the room. This makes them ideal for people looking for a more comfortable and consistent airflow. Additionally, Vornado and KITPLUS tower fans are usually quieter than box fans, and they take up less space. While box fans may be cheaper than tower fans, they are less energy-efficient and generally not as effective at circulating air throughout a room.

What is the noise level of Vornado and KITPLUS tower fans?

Both Vornado and KITPLUS tower fans are designed to operate quietly. Vornado fans are known for their quiet operation and most models have been rated at around 50 decibels, which is about as loud as a normal conversation. The KITPLUS Tower Fan has also been designed to operate quietly, and most models produce around 55 decibels of noise, which is only slightly louder than a normal conversation. However, it is important to keep in mind that the noise level of a fan can vary depending on the speed setting and the environment it’s placed in.


When it comes to staying cool during hot summer months, a tower fan can be an excellent addition to any home or office space. Two popular competing brands in the market are Vornado and KITPLUS, both known for producing quality tower fans with unique features and designs.

Vornado is a trusted brand that has been in the industry for over 70 years. Their tower fans are known for their powerful and efficient air circulation, thanks to their signature V-Flow technology. This feature allows air to flow in a spiral pattern, reaching the entire room with ease. Vornado tower fans also have adjustable height and tilt, making it easier to direct the airflow where needed. They offer a variety of models ranging from basic to more advanced options with remote control and smart technology integration.

On the other hand, KITPLUS is a newer brand that has quickly gained popularity for its sleek design and affordability. Their tower fans come in a variety of colors and finishes, making them a stylish addition to any space. KITPLUS tower fans also have 90-degree oscillation and three different speed settings for customized airflow. They are also lightweight and easy to move around, making them ideal for smaller spaces.

When it comes to performance, both Vornado and KITPLUS tower fans can effectively cool a room. However, Vornado fans tend to have more advanced features, with a stronger emphasis on air circulation and coverage. KITPLUS fans may not have as many features, but they make up for it with their trendy and modern design.

While Vornado and KITPLUS are both solid options, another brand worth considering is Dyson. They are known for their high-tech fans that use bladeless technology and have a unique design that blends seamlessly into any space. Dyson fans also have features like air purifying and heating, making them a versatile year-round option. While their price point is higher, their fans are built to last and are a great investment for those looking for advanced features and longevity.

In terms of potential future developments, Vornado is currently exploring the integration of smart technology, allowing for remote control and voice command options. They are also advancing their air filtration and purification technology to improve indoor air quality. KITPLUS is focused on developing more color and design options, as well as exploring energy-efficient features. Dyson, known for their cutting-edge technology, is sure to have more innovative designs and features in the pipeline.

In conclusion, when choosing between Vornado and KITPLUS tower fans, it ultimately comes down to personal preference and budget. Vornado fans are more traditional in design and tend to have more advanced features, while KITPLUS fans have a modern look and are more affordable. However, for those looking for a high-end option with advanced features and innovative technology, Dyson is a brand worth considering. Regardless of the brand, a tower fan can be a valuable addition to any home or office space, providing much-needed relief during hot summer months.

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