The Top 5 Smart Tower Fans for Your Smart Home

The Top 5 Smart Tower Fans for Your Smart Home

Smart homes are becoming more popular every year as people seek to automate their daily routines and make their homes more comfortable. To accomplish this, people are buying smart appliances that can be controlled with a smartphone app, and one of the most popular of these appliances is the smart tower fan. Smart tower fans incorporate cutting-edge technology, making them ideal for the discerning homeowner who wants to keep their home cool, clean, and smart. In this article, we will review the top 5 smart tower fans that can easily integrate into your smart home system.

1. Lasko T42951 Wind Curve Portable Electric Oscillating Stand Up Tower Fan

The Lasko T42951 is equipped with WiFi connectivity and can be controlled with the free app. It has a slim, vertical design and a built-in handle that makes it easy to move around the room. It also has a multi-function remote control that allows you to adjust the speed, timer, and oscillation. Plus, with a sleep mode that reduces fan speed and noise, this fan is perfect for your bedroom or living room where you don’t want to wake up to a loud whirring noise.

2. TaoTronics Tower Fan with LED Display

The TaoTronics tower fan has got a sleek and particularly stylish design and is equipped with a large LED display that provides you with real-time temperature readings. It comes with a remote control that allows you to easily adjust the settings. The fan oscillates up to 65 degrees, has three-speed settings and a timer that can be set up to 12 hours. Additionally, it has a built-in handle for easy transportation.

3. Air Choice Oscillating Tower Fan

With its 7-hour timer, three fan speeds, and oscillation mode, the Air Choice Oscillating Tower Fan is a smart tower fan that can be controlled with your smartphone. The fan comes with a remote control that can be used to adjust speed and the direction of the airflow. You could even sync the fan with your voice-controlled virtual assistant like Amazon Alexa or Google Home that will make it easier to operate without having to pick up a remote.

4. Dyson Pure Cool TP04 HEPA Tower Fan and Air Purifier

Dyson Pure Cool is a revolutionary tower fan, and is equipped with WiFi technology and air-purifying capabilities. It’s a perfect blend of form and function, incorporating a sleek tower design with powerful air purifying technology. It can access real-time air quality data from the app and purify indoor air, thanks to a built-in HEPA filter and activated carbon filter. The fan oscillates up to 350 degrees, has ten wind speed settings, and a sleep timer that can be used to reduce noise levels.

5. Honeywell QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan

The Honeywell QuietSet fan comes with 8 different settings and has a built-in timer that can be set for up to 8 hours. Plus, you can control its various settings using the remote control. It has an oscillating fan head that rotates up to 90 degrees, and it comes with an onboard display with indicators that light up when the fan is in action. Why this fan is popular among smart homeowners lies in the fact that it can be connected with Alexa or Google Assistant for seamless smart control.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a way to make your home smarter and more comfortable, then a smart tower fan is a great solution for you. These fans have the ability to connect to multiple smart home devices. And for those days when you’re simply too busy, you can also set them to operate automatically using pre-determined settings or by voice commands. Whatever your preference might be, with any of the five smart tower fans reviewed above, you will indeed end up with the best addition to your smart home!

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