PARIS RHONE vs. Arctic-Pro: Tower Fan Comparison

PARIS RHONE vs. Arctic-Pro: Tower Fan Comparison

When it comes to staying cool during the summer months, a tower fan can be a valuable addition to any home. But with so many different brands and models available on the market today, choosing the perfect one for your needs can be a daunting task. In this article, we will compare two popular tower fan brands: PARIS RHONE and Arctic-Pro.

We will begin by discussing the backgrounds of both companies, including their histories and areas of expertise. Next, we will take a closer look at each brand’s product offerings, highlighting the features and benefits of their most popular tower fans. From there, we will dive into each company’s marketing strategy, exploring the ways in which they reach out to potential customers and differentiate their products from those of their competitors.

Of course, no tower fan review would be complete without considering customer satisfaction. In this article, we will examine customer reviews and feedback for both PARIS RHONE and Arctic-Pro, providing a comprehensive analysis of each brand’s strengths and weaknesses.

Whether you are looking for a tower fan for your home or office, this article is sure to help you make an informed decision. Join us as we compare PARIS RHONE and Arctic-Pro, and discover which brand comes out on top when it comes to cooling off during those hot summer days.

Company Background

PARIS RHONE and Arctic-Pro are two of the most respected names in the consumer-grade tower fan market. Both companies have established themselves as leaders in the industry, thanks to their core values, mission statements, and notable achievements and awards.

PARIS RHONE was founded in 1926 and quickly became a leader in the manufacturing of electrical motors. Over the years, the company expanded into other areas such as electronic control systems and power distribution equipment. Today, the company is a part of the multinational corporation Valeo, which specializes in automotive products and systems.

PARIS RHONE has always been committed to providing its customers with top-quality goods and services. The company’s values reflect this commitment, as they emphasize innovation, customer satisfaction, and social responsibility. PARIS RHONE’s mission statement is to “stimulate excellence in all our activities to create value for our customers, employees, and shareholders.”

Having been in business for nearly a century, PARIS RHONE has received numerous awards and accolades. In 2019, the company was recognized by the Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association for its contributions to the Canadian automotive aftermarket industry. This award demonstrates the company’s ongoing commitment to innovation and quality.

Arctic-Pro, on the other hand, is a more recent addition to the consumer-grade tower fan market. The company was founded in 2012 and quickly gained a reputation for producing high-quality tower fans that are both efficient and affordable.

Arctic-Pro’s core values center around innovation, affordability, and customer satisfaction. The company’s mission statement is to “provide our customers with the highest quality and most efficient tower fans on the market, while also maintaining affordable prices and outstanding customer service.”

Despite its relatively short time in business, Arctic-Pro has already achieved notable success. The company’s tower fans have received rave reviews from consumers and experts alike, earning high ratings on sites such as Amazon and Consumer Reports. In addition, Arctic-Pro was named as a finalist for the Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award in 2014, further cementing its reputation as a leader in the industry.

In conclusion, both PARIS RHONE and Arctic-Pro are highly respected companies in the consumer-grade tower fan market. While PARIS RHONE has a long history of innovation and excellence, dating back to its founding over 90 years ago, Arctic-Pro has quickly established itself as a leader in the industry, earning rave reviews and prestigious awards in just a few short years. Regardless of which brand of tower fan you choose, you can rest assured that you are getting a top-quality product from a company committed to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Product Offerings

When it comes to finding the perfect tower fan for your home or office, there are countless options from various brands available to choose from. Two of the most popular brands on the market today are PARIS RHONE and Arctic-Pro, each offering a range of high-quality tower fans at an affordable price.

PARIS RHONE is a well-known brand in the electronics industry, manufacturing a wide range of electrical and electronic products. In the case of tower fans, they offer a variety of models that are designed to provide maximum comfort and cooling for any space. Their tower fans are known for their sleek, modern designs, which are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also highly functional. PARIS RHONE’s tower fans are equipped with powerful motors and advanced oscillation capabilities, ensuring that air is circulated quickly and evenly throughout the room. Additionally, many of their models come with innovative features such as remote controls, multi-speed settings, and intelligent temperature sensors, which allow you to customize your fan experience to suit your needs.

While PARIS RHONE is certainly a brand to consider when searching for a quality tower fan, Arctic-Pro is another brand to keep in mind. Like PARIS RHONE, Arctic-Pro is dedicated to producing high-quality tower fans that are both effective and affordable. One of the standout features of Arctic-Pro’s tower fans is their energy efficiency. Many of their models are designed to use less energy than traditional tower fans, which can save you money on your electric bill in the long run. Another unique feature of Arctic-Pro’s tower fans is their quiet operation. Unlike some tower fans that can be noisy and disruptive, Arctic-Pro’s models are engineered to provide powerful cooling without making a lot of noise.

Ultimately, the choice between PARIS RHONE and Arctic-Pro will depend on your specific needs and preferences. While PARIS RHONE is known for their cutting-edge features and stylish designs, Arctic-Pro’s focus on energy efficiency and quiet operation may be more appealing to some consumers. Regardless of which brand you choose, it’s important to consider factors such as room size, cooling capacity, and ease of use when selecting a tower fan. With the right tower fan, you can stay cool and comfortable no matter the temperature outside.

Marketing Strategies

In a world where competition is fierce, advertising plays a vital role in the success of any brand. The tower fan market is no exception, and two brands that stand out in terms of their marketing strategies are PARIS RHONE and Arctic-Pro.

One of the key aspects of a successful marketing strategy is identifying and targeting the right audience. PARIS RHONE, a popular tower fan brand, focuses primarily on households and commercial spaces that prioritize style and sophistication. They offer a range of tower fans that boast sleek and modern designs, which cater to a more high-end market. PARIS RHONE’s marketing tactics revolve around showcasing the elegance and luxury of their products through visually appealing advertisements that evoke a sense of comfort and relaxation.

Arctic-Pro, on the other hand, targets a broader market. Their tower fans are more budget-friendly and cater to families and individuals who seek value for money. Arctic-Pro’s marketing strategy focuses on highlighting the functionality and affordability of their products. Their advertisements feature real-life scenarios in homes and offices, emphasizing how their tower fans can keep spaces cool and comfortable while saving energy and money.

In terms of advertising, both PARIS RHONE and Arctic-Pro make use of various channels to reach their target audience. PARIS RHONE focuses on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, where they showcase their products in visually appealing ways to attract potential customers. They also collaborate with influencers and lifestyle bloggers to promote their tower fans to a wider audience.

Arctic-Pro, on the other hand, makes use of various digital marketing strategies such as search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, and email marketing to reach their target audience effectively. They run targeted ads on social media platforms and popular websites to ensure that their products are visible to potential customers.

When it comes to the effectiveness of their advertising, both PARIS RHONE and Arctic-Pro have their own strengths. PARIS RHONE’s advertisements are visually stunning and engaging, which helps to create brand awareness and attract potential customers. However, the high-end market they cater to means that their target audience may be smaller, limiting their reach.

Arctic-Pro’s marketing strategy, on the other hand, is more affordable and effective, as they target a broader market. They make use of various digital channels to reach their target audience and promote their products effectively. However, their budget-friendly products may be perceived as lower quality by some consumers, which could affect their brand image.

In conclusion, both PARIS RHONE and Arctic-Pro have unique marketing strategies that cater to different target audiences for tower fans. PARIS RHONE targets the high-end market, while Arctic-Pro focuses on value for money. Both brands have their strengths and weaknesses in terms of their marketing tactics’ effectiveness. Ultimately, the success of each brand’s marketing strategy depends on their ability to identify and reach their target audience effectively.

Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to tower fans, a variety of options can make it challenging to determine the best brand with satisfactory customer service and product quality. Paris Rhone and Arctic-Pro are two brands that have gained significant popularity for their tower fan models, with many happy customer scores.

Product satisfaction is what customers enjoy most. Customer satisfaction ratings are determined by how well their demands are met. Both the Paris Rhone and Arctic-Pro tower fans received high ratings for customer satisfaction, with the majority of reviewers lauding the product’s effectiveness, durability, and noise reduction capabilities. Customers have noted that these models are perfect for a variety of environments, such as bedrooms, living rooms, and office spaces.

Paris Rhone and Arctic-Pro have impressed customers with premium customer service. When it comes to shipping, both have been lauded for their fast delivery and excellent packaging, ensuring that the product arrives in decent condition. Additionally, the responsiveness of customer service representatives is determined by their ability to respond quickly to inquiries and issues from consumers, resulting in a positive experience. Reviewers praised the efficiency and willingness of both Arctic-Pro and Paris Rhone customer service representatives to assist with product issues or queries.

As a bonus, both companies offer warranties and guarantees that speak to their customer service dedication. Arctic-Pro, for example, offers a two-year guarantee for defects in materials or workmanship from the time of purchase. Paris Rhone, on the other hand, provides a six-month product guarantee for defects or faults found within the time of purchase. With these written guarantees, customers have faith in the products they purchase and feel confident in their investments.

When comparing the warranties of these two brands, there is no obvious winner. While Arctic-Pro offers a longer warranty than Paris Rhone, the six-month warranty from Paris Rhone could be sufficient for most customers, considering the quality and efficiency of its products. Both Paris Rhone and Arctic-Pro, though, demonstrate that they stand behind the quality of their tower fans and want their customers to be satisfied.

In conclusion, both Paris Rhone and Arctic-Pro deliver tower fans with excellent characteristics and durability, which have gained praise online from satisfied customers. With reliable customer service and warranties to back the quality of their products, they set themselves apart from other brands and gain customers’ trust and loyalty. If you want a dependable and effective tower fan that is worth your investment, select either the Arctic-Pro or Paris Rhone tower fan.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become an essential aspect of businesses worldwide. Consumers are not only concerned about the quality and price of the products they purchase but also where and how they are manufactured. Keeping that in mind, today, we will be discussing two brands in the market, PARIS RHONE and Arctic-Pro, that offer some exceptional products, but are also deeply committed to social and environmental responsibility.

PARIS RHONE has been in the industry for over a century, and they have made remarkable strides towards sustainability. The company acknowledges the importance of minimizing their impact on the environment, and they have taken several measures to reduce their carbon footprint. They have implemented various energy-efficient solutions within their factories, such as using renewable energy sources, integrating recycled materials, and minimizing waste.

Moreover, PARIS RHONE is committed to integrating eco-friendliness into their products. Their tower fans utilize advanced air filtration systems that are environmentally friendly. The company has also invested in the development of innovative technology that reduces the usage of power and maximizes efficiency.

Apart from their sustainable practices, PARIS RHONE is known for their philanthropy. They regularly partner with various non-profit organizations and make donations to several causes. They believe in giving back to society and are actively working towards making a positive impact.

Arctic-Pro is another brand that has made some substantial strides towards sustainability. They recognize the role businesses play in minimizing their impact on the environment and have made significant progress to that end. Arctic-Pro incorporates environmentally sustainable materials in their products and has minimized the usage of plastics in their packaging. They have also implemented practices to minimize energy consumption and focus on reducing waste, actively pursuing eco-friendliness.

In addition to their environmental practices, Arctic-Pro is committed to facing social issues. The company supports several non-profits that work towards the betterment of society, primarily focusing on individual health and education. They contribute to several charities and organizations, volunteering their time and resources for various causes.

In terms of CSR, both brands have made remarkable strides, and their commitment to sustainability should be acknowledged. PARIS RHONE and Arctic-Pro are actively working towards reducing their impact on the environment while contributing to society positively. They have made significant progress in minimizing carbon footprints, incorporating environmentally-friendly materials, implementing eco-friendly practices and collaborating with several non-profit organizations to make the world a better place.

In conclusion, CSR is imperative in today’s business world, and brands need to take resolute measures towards sustainability and giving back to society. Both PARIS RHONE and Arctic-Pro have recognized this and have taken significant steps towards that end. Their commitment to sustainability and philanthropy should indeed be commended, and both these brands should serve as an example to the rest of the industry players.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the maximum noise level of PARIS RHONE and Arctic-Pro tower fans?

The maximum noise level of tower fans varies greatly between each model offered by PARIS RHONE and Arctic-Pro. It is important to note that most tower fans are designed to operate relatively quietly compared to other types of fans. PARIS RHONE offers a variety of models that operate between 45 to 60 decibels (dB) on high speed, with some models featuring noise levels as low as 35 dB. Arctic-Pro fans are similarly quiet, with most models hovering around 55 dB on the highest setting.

2. What are the power consumption rates of PARIS RHONE and Arctic-Pro tower fans?

Power consumption rates for tower fans vary based on the model and fan settings. However, many PARIS RHONE and Arctic-Pro models feature energy-efficient designs that utilize less power while still providing reliable cooling capabilities. Visitors to our affiliate site can easily view power consumption rates under the “Technical Details” section on each product page. In general, expect PARIS RHONE models to consume between 40 and 60 watts of power, while Arctic-Pro models typically consume between 50 and 70 watts.

3. What is the level of air filtration provided by PARIS RHONE and Arctic-Pro tower fans?

PARIS RHONE and Arctic-Pro do not manufacture tower fans featuring air filtration capabilities. While some models may come equipped with ionizers, these do not function as air purifiers and are only intended to condition the air for a cooler feeling.

4. Are remote controls included with all PARIS RHONE and Arctic-Pro tower fans?

Remote controls are typically included with most models offered by PARIS RHONE and Arctic-Pro, making it easy to adjust fan settings from across the room. However, it’s important to double-check the specifications listed on each product’s page, as there may be a few models that do not come with this feature. If a remote control is not included, visitors may opt to purchase one separately to increase the convenience of using their tower fan.

5. Can PARIS RHONE and Arctic-Pro tower fans be used outdoors?

PARIS RHONE and Arctic-Pro specialize in manufacturing indoor tower fans only and do not produce any models rated for outdoor use. It is strongly discouraged to use any indoor electrical appliance outdoors, as this can pose a serious safety risk.


Tower fans have become a popular staple in households worldwide, providing an efficient and cost-effective way to cool homes during hot weather. With many brands on the market, two that stand out are PARIS RHONE and Arctic-Pro. In this article, we will explore the main aspects of both brands and offer another recommended brand that might be a better fit for certain consumers.

PARIS RHONE is a popular brand of tower fans that offers unparalleled quality and sleek designs. The brand is widely recognized for its cutting-edge technology and innovative features, such as LED displays and ultra-quiet motors. Despite being a premium brand, PARIS RHONE fans are known for their energy efficiency, making them a popular choice for those looking to save on energy bills.

On the other hand, Arctic-Pro is an affordable brand of tower fans that offers good value for money. Arctic-Pro fans are popular mainly due to the brand’s focus on reliability and durability. The brand’s dedication to creating fans that last longer while offering decent cooling performance has made it a popular choice for those shopping on a budget.

When it comes to choosing between PARIS RHONE and Arctic-Pro, it all depends on what you’re looking for. If you are willing to pay for a premium brand that offers the latest technology and sleek design, then PARIS RHONE should be your go-to brand. However, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option that offers decent cooling performance and durability, then Arctic-Pro may be the right brand for you.

That being said, there is another brand that we highly recommend for consumers looking for a great balance between price and performance, and that is Lasko. Lasko is a well-renowned brand in the tower fan market, known for its reliability, affordability, and efficiency. The brand offers a wide range of tower fans to suit various needs and budgets, making it a popular choice for many consumers.

In terms of future developments and innovations, PARIS RHONE is likely to continue, focusing on providing cutting-edge technology and innovative features to consumers. Meanwhile, Arctic-Pro may focus on expanding its product line, offering more options to consumers who are shopping for budget-friendly options.

In conclusion, when it comes to choosing between PARIS RHONE and Arctic-Pro, it all comes down to what you need. PARIS RHONE is an excellent choice for those willing to pay for premium brands, while Arctic-Pro offers good value for money. However, for a great balance between price and performance, we highly recommend Lasko. No matter what brand you choose, ensure that it fits your needs and budget.

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