Battle of the Fans: Lasko vs. OmniBreeze Tower Fan Comparison

Battle of the Fans: Lasko vs. OmniBreeze Tower Fan Comparison

In the world of consumer-grade tower fans, two brands have emerged as market leaders, Lasko and OmniBreeze. In this article, we’ll be comparing these two brands to help you make an informed decision on which one to go for. We’ll take a look at both company backgrounds, their respective product offerings, marketing strategies, and customer satisfaction.

First off, let’s delve into the company backgrounds of both Lasko and OmniBreeze. Lasko, a family-owned company, has been producing high-quality fans for over a century. They have a well-established reputation for producing reliable and affordable tower fans that deliver on their promises. OmniBreeze, on the other hand, is a newcomer to the market, having only been around for a few years. The brand has quickly gained a reputation for producing high-end tower fans that combine great performance with stunning aesthetics.

Moving on to their product offerings, both Lasko and OmniBreeze have a wide range of tower fans to choose from. Lasko’s range includes budget-friendly options like the Lasko T42950 Wind Curve Tower Fan, as well as high-end models like the Lasko FH500 Fan & Space Heater Combo. Meanwhile, OmniBreeze’s range focuses more on high-end products, such as the OmniBreeze 42-Inch Oscillating Tower Fan, which boasts an impressive array of features.

In terms of marketing strategy, both brands have taken different approaches. While Lasko has a strong focus on affordability and practicality, OmniBreeze has positioned itself as a premium brand with a focus on design and style. Despite their different approaches, both brands have successfully carved out a niche for themselves in the tower fan market.

Finally, customer satisfaction is an important factor to consider. Lasko has a long-established reputation for producing reliable and efficient tower fans that customers love. On the other hand, OmniBreeze is a newer brand but has received positive feedback for their unique design and attention to detail.

Overall, both Lasko and OmniBreeze have their unique strengths and weaknesses that make them suitable for different customers. By the end of this article, you’ll have a better understanding of the two brands and their respective products, which will help you make an informed decision when purchasing a tower fan.

Company Background


Lasko and OmniBreeze are two companies that have made their mark in the tower fan market segment. These companies have built a reputation for themselves by providing high-quality and reliable products to their customers. Despite operating in the same industry, they have different approaches when it comes to their core values, mission statements, and awards.

Lasko has been in the business of manufacturing fans for over a century. Founded in Philadelphia in 1906, Lasko has since grown to become one of the most respected names in the fan industry. The company’s early focus was on manufacturing electrical appliances for the home, but it pivoted to making fans in the 1950s. Today, Lasko’s products range from tower fans to box fans, pedestal fans, and wall-mounted fans.

The company has always been about quality, reliability, and innovation. With a mission to design products that make people’s lives better, Lasko is dedicated to meeting the needs of its customers. The brand has received several awards for its products, including the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, which is a testament to the brand’s quality and reliability.

OmniBreeze, on the other hand, is a relatively new player in the fan industry. The company was established in 2018 and is based in San Francisco, California. OmniBreeze’s mission is to create high-quality, sleek, and affordable tower fans that are easy to use and blend in with any home decor.

OmniBreeze aims to create products that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. The company’s core values center around affordability, innovation, and customer satisfaction. In just a short time, OmniBreeze has already received recognition for its products, with the OmniBreeze Tower Fan being named one of the best tower fans of 2021 by Forbes.

While Lasko has a long track record of providing quality products, OmniBreeze has quickly made a name for itself as a company that produces stylish and affordable tower fans. Both companies share a commitment to meeting their customers’ needs and ensuring their satisfaction. Whether you’re looking for a traditional fan or something more modern and sleek, Lasko and OmniBreeze have you covered.

In conclusion, Lasko and OmniBreeze are two companies that have made a significant impact in the tower fan industry. While Lasko has the advantage of being an established name with over a century of experience, OmniBreeze has quickly made a name for itself as an innovative and affordable alternative. Both companies share a commitment to providing quality products that meet their customers’ needs, ensuring that their customers are satisfied with their purchase.

Product Offerings

When it comes to buying a tower fan, it’s important to consider the quality of the product being offered and its overall price. Two top-performing brands that meet these criteria are Lasko and OmniBreeze. Both of these brands present a range of tower fan products at an affordable price that is perfect for a variety of homes.

Lasko has been providing tower fans for over a century and is known for its high-quality appliances. With a starting price of about $70, Lasko offers a number of unique and innovative features, such as Bluetooth compatibility in certain models and auto shut-off timers. These allow fans to be controlled with a mobile phone and scheduled to turn off after a set amount of time, respectively. With an elegant and sleek design, Lasko tower fans are also easy to assemble and operate.

On the other hand, OmniBreeze is a relatively new brand that has been creating quality tower fans for a few years. Each product is offered in a modern design that matches any home decor. OmniBreeze gives several features like adjustable speed settings, oscillation and automatic shut-off timer, which are very similar to Lasko’s offering. The price point for an OmniBreeze tower fan starts at around $69, which is similar to Lasko’s introductory price point, and the user-friendly design of the fans makes it easy to assemble and control.

In comparison, the Lasko tower fan may have certain advantages over OmniBreeze. Their newest models feature noise-reducing technology that turns the fan Blade into a quieter yet still both powerful and effective unit. Also, their compact, portable models can be easily moved from room-to-room, perfect for small spaces.

All in all, both Lasko and OmniBreeze tower fans are quite similar in their features and price range. Ultimately, whichever brand a buyer chooses will come down to their preference in design, special features offered and price point.
Whichever brand a consumer goes with, both Lasko and OmniBreeze tower fans offer excellent performance and quality for an affordable price. With features such as Bluetooth compatibility, auto shut-off timers and oscillation, it’s clear that these brands are always innovating to improve customer satisfaction and user experience. We hope that this product comparison has been informative and helpful for those in the market for a new tower fan.

Marketing Strategies

In the world of consumer-grade tower fans, two brands stand out from the rest: Lasko and OmniBreeze. Both companies have developed impressive marketing strategies to reach their target audience and increase sales. In this article, we’ll analyze each brand’s tactics, discuss their target audience and how they reach them, and compare the effectiveness of their advertising.

Lasko is a well-known brand in the tower fan industry. They’ve been around for over a century and have developed a loyal customer base. Lasko’s marketing strategy focuses on creating a strong brand identity and establishing themselves as a reliable and trustworthy source for tower fans.

To reach their target audience, Lasko utilizes a variety of marketing channels. They have a strong presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They also partner with popular influencers in the home decor and lifestyle space to promote their products to a wider audience.

Lasko’s advertising campaigns are focused on showcasing their products’ features and benefits to potential customers. They highlight the quiet operation, powerful airflow, and ease of use of their tower fans. This focus on functionality and practicality helps Lasko appeal to a wide range of consumers who are looking for a reliable and efficient tower fan.

On the other hand, OmniBreeze is a relatively new player in the tower fan market. They have developed a unique selling proposition by offering affordable, high-quality tower fans with advanced features. To reach their target audience, OmniBreeze employs a more aggressive advertising strategy.

OmniBreeze uses a variety of marketing channels, including email marketing, influencer partnerships and social media advertising to reach their target audience. They are also known for using tactics like promoting discount codes and other offers to attract potential customers.

OmniBreeze’s advertising campaigns are focused on emphasizing the affordability and quality of their products to potential customers. They use social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to showcase their products and offer special promotions to encourage consumers to purchase.

In terms of effectiveness, both Lasko and OmniBreeze’s marketing strategies have been successful in reaching their respective target audiences. Lasko’s strong brand identity has helped them establish themselves as a reliable and trustworthy source for consumer-grade tower fans. Their practical approach to advertising has helped them appeal to a wide range of consumers.

OmniBreeze’s aggressive advertising approach has helped them reach a wider audience and establish themselves as an affordable source for high-quality tower fans. They’ve been able to promote their products successfully and establish a loyal customer base quickly.

Ultimately, the effectiveness of a brand’s marketing strategy comes down to how well it resonates with their target audience. Both Lasko and OmniBreeze have developed unique marketing tactics that have helped them connect with their target audience and increase sales. As the tower fan market continues to grow and evolve, it will be interesting to see how these brands continue to adapt their marketing strategies to stay competitive.

Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to tower fans, there are several brands that consumers turn to for reliable and effective cooling. Two of the most popular brands in this space are Lasko and OmniBreeze. But which one truly satisfies their customers the most?

First, let’s take a look at what customers are saying about Lasko tower fans. According to multiple consumer reviews, Lasko fans are loved for their quiet operation and strong breeze output. Customers have also praised the value for money that these fans offer, with many stating they feel they are getting a high-quality product at a reasonable price. While Lasko doesn’t typically offer longer warranties for their fans, customers have expressed that they haven’t had to use one, and are happy with the product longevity they have experienced.

OmniBreeze, on the other hand, is a newer player in the tower fan space. However, they have received rave reviews from customers for their amazing design and energy-saving features. Customers love the sleek, modern look of their fans, and have commented that they fit perfectly in any room in their home. Some have even praised the fans for their ability to save on electricity bills. Many customers have also praised OmniBreeze’s customer service, citing that their customer service representatives are friendly, helpful, and easy to access.

When it comes to guarantees and warranties, both Lasko and OmniBreeze offer similar terms. Lasko typically provides a one-year limited warranty on their fans, while OmniBreeze offers a two-year limited warranty. This means that if there are any defects in the fan’s materials or workmanship, customers can reach out to the brand for a repair or replacement at no additional cost. However, it’s important to note that warranties typically don’t cover damage caused by accidents or misuse.

While both Lasko and OmniBreeze have their own unique strengths and benefits, it’s clear that each brand satisfies their customers in different ways. Lasko’s tradition of reliable, affordable fans speaks to the practical needs of consumers, while OmniBreeze’s commitment to energy savings and modern design excites customers looking for a stylish and functional addition to their home. Both brands offer similar warranties and great customer service, making them a great choice for anyone in the market for a tower fan.

In the end, it all comes down to personal preference. Whether a customer chooses Lasko or OmniBreeze, they can be sure they are getting a great product backed by strong customer service and a solid warranty. So, do some research, read some reviews, and choose the tower fan that best fits your needs and style!

Corporate Social Responsibility

Lasko and OmniBreeze are two prominent tower fan manufacturers in the market today. Aside from producing high-quality fans, both brands also take social and environmental responsibility seriously. Each of them has their unique approach to sustainability, charitable donations, and partnerships, which we will discuss below.

Lasko, founded in 1906, is a Pennsylvania-based company that produces a wide range of home comfort products, including tower fans. The brand has taken sustainability seriously and has made significant strides towards reducing its carbon footprint. In 2012, Lasko announced that it had reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 10% compared to 2010 levels. The company has also invested in renewable energy and now sources about one-third of its electricity from wind energy.

Lasko also recycles its products, with fans made from 20% recycled materials, including plastic and steel. The company encourages customers to recycle their old fans rather than throw them away. By recycling its products and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, Lasko is taking practical steps towards sustainability and reducing waste.

On the charitable front, Lasko has partnered with organizations such as the American Red Cross and the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. The company has donated money and products to support these organizations’ missions, such as providing fans to firefighters working in extreme heat conditions. Lasko has also contributed to various disaster relief efforts, such as Hurricane Harvey.

OmniBreeze is a relatively new entrant into the tower fan market, founded in 2019. This Canadian company focuses on producing high-quality, eco-friendly tower fans. One of the ways in which the brand implements its commitment to sustainability is by using environmentally friendly materials. OmniBreeze uses reusable filters that last up to 18 months, thus reducing plastic waste.

OmniBreeze also partners with American Forests, a non-profit organization that aims to restore forests in North America. The company has pledged to plant one tree for every fan sold, reflecting its dedication to making positive environmental impacts.

Another unique aspect of OmniBreeze’s social responsibility is their commitment to transparency. The brand shares detailed information on their website about their manufacturing process, including the materials used and their suppliers. This level of transparency is rare in the home comfort industry, highlighting OmniBreeze’s commitment to honesty and accountability.

In conclusion, both Lasko and OmniBreeze are committed to socially and environmentally responsible practices, making them stand out in the tower fan market. Whether it is through reducing greenhouse gas emissions, sourcing environmentally friendly materials, or partnering with non-profit organizations, both brands are taking practical steps towards sustainability and making a positive impact on society.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Lasko and OmniBreeze tower fans?

Both Lasko and OmniBreeze are popular brands for consumer-grade tower fans, but there are notable differences between the two. Lasko fans are known for their durability and longevity, with many models lasting for years even with daily use. OmniBreeze fans are often more high-tech, with features like remote controls and digital displays. When it comes to performance, both brands offer powerful airflow, but some reviewers have noted that OmniBreeze fans are quieter and produce more consistent air flow. Ultimately, the choice between the two brands depends on your specific needs and preferences.

What features should I look for in a tower fan?

When shopping for a tower fan, there are several features to keep in mind. First and foremost, consider the size of the fan and the room it will be used in. A larger fan will be more effective in a larger room, while a smaller fan may suffice for a small to medium-sized space. Next, pay attention to the fan’s noise level and airflow strength. A quieter fan may be preferable for bedrooms or other areas where noise is a concern, while a more powerful fan may be necessary for hotter climates. Other features to consider include remote control capabilities, oscillation functions, and adjustable speeds. Some fans even come with additional features like air purifiers or ionizers, which can improve the air quality in your home.

Is it safe to leave a tower fan running overnight?

While leaving a tower fan running overnight is generally safe, it’s important to take precautions to prevent any potential hazards. First, make sure the fan is placed on a stable surface and away from any flammable materials like curtains or bedding. Always keep the fan’s intake vents free of dust and debris, as this can reduce the fan’s efficiency and potentially cause overheating. If the fan has a timer or automatic shut-off function, use these features to ensure it doesn’t continue running unnecessarily. Additionally, keep an eye on the fan’s power cord and make sure it’s not frayed or damaged in any way.

How do I clean my tower fan?

Cleaning a tower fan is relatively simple and can help improve the fan’s performance and longevity. First, unplug the fan from its power source and remove any exterior covers or casings. Use a soft-bristled brush or a can of compressed air to remove any dust or debris from the fan’s intake vents and blade assembly. If the fan has a removable filter, clean it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. You can also use a damp cloth to wipe down the exterior of the fan, being careful not to let any water or moisture come into contact with the fan’s internal components. Once the fan is clean, reassemble it and plug it back in to ensure it’s functioning properly.

Can a tower fan help save on energy costs?

Yes, using a tower fan in conjunction with your air conditioning system can help save on energy costs during the summer months. By circulating the cooled air throughout the room, a tower fan can help the air conditioner run more efficiently, reducing the amount of energy it needs to use. Additionally, running a tower fan on its own can be an energy-efficient way to cool down a room without using an air conditioner at all. However, it’s important to remember that a tower fan only cools the air that it moves, so it may not be as effective as an air conditioning system in extremely hot or humid climates.


When it comes to choosing a tower fan for your home or office, two popular brands that often come to mind are Lasko and OmniBreeze. Both brands offer a range of tower fans with varying features and sizes to suit different needs and preferences.

Lasko is a well-established brand in the tower fan market. It offers a variety of tower fans including the Wind Curve Series, which is known for its sleek design and quiet operation. The Wind Curve Series is available in different sizes, ranging from 42 to 52 inches. Lasko is also known for its high-velocity fans that can be used both indoors and outdoors. The brand offers a range of tower fans with different features such as ionizers, remote controls, and programmable timers.

OmniBreeze is a relatively new player in the tower fan market. It offers a range of tower fans that are packed with features such as touch controls, oscillation, and remote controls. OmniBreeze tower fans are available in different sizes, ranging from 36 to 44 inches. The brand also offers a unique tower fan that comes with a built-in air purifier.

In summary, both Lasko and OmniBreeze are reputable brands that offer a range of tower fans. Lasko is well-established and offers a range of tower fans with different features and sizes. OmniBreeze, on the other hand, is a newer brand that offers feature-packed tower fans with unique features such as built-in air purifiers.

For consumers who are looking for a more affordable option, the Honeywell QuietSet Tower Fan could be a better fit. This tower fan is known for its affordable price point and quiet operation. It offers a range of features such as 8-speed settings, oscillation, and a remote control.

As for the future developments or innovations from each brand, Lasko is known for its constant innovations in fan technology. The brand is always looking for ways to improve its products and offer more features to consumers. OmniBreeze is a newer brand, and it will be interesting to see what new features it will come up with in the future.

In conclusion, when it comes to choosing a tower fan, it’s important to consider factors such as size, features, and price. Both Lasko and OmniBreeze are reputable brands that offer a range of tower fans with different features and sizes. However, for consumers who are looking for a more affordable option, the Honeywell QuietSet Tower Fan could be a better fit. Regardless of your choice, it’s important to do your research and read reviews to ensure that you choose a tower fan that meets your needs and preferences.

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