Dyson 308247-01 Tower Fan Review: The Ultimate Summer Companion

Dyson 308247-01 Tower Fan Review: The Ultimate Summer Companion

Dyson 308247-01

Are you tired of noisy and underperforming tower fans that just don’t do the job? We feel you! That’s why we’re here to give you our honest review of the Dyson 308247-01 tower fan that promises to change the way you experience air flow and cooling.

When looking for a tower fan, many consumers are often faced with two common pain points – inadequate air circulation and excessive noise levels. Often, the cheaper options are not powerful enough to circulate air throughout the room and the noise they produce can become a nuisance. This is where the Dyson 308247-01 tower fan comes in and claims to solve these common issues with its advanced technology.

In this review, we’ll be delving deeper into the Dyson 308247-01 tower fan by discussing our First Impressions, Customer Feedback, Benefits and Drawbacks, Strongest Features, and finally answering the question; Is It Worth Purchasing?

First, we’ll provide our initial reaction and findings upon unboxing and setting up the fan. We’ll also gather and analyze the opinions and experiences of other customers who have purchased the same product.

Next, we’ll get into the specific benefits and drawbacks of the Dyson 308247-01 tower fan, including its air circulation capacity, noise levels, energy efficiency, and ease of use. We’ll also discuss its unique features that make it stand out from other tower fans in the market.

Lastly, after weighing all the factors, we’ll conclude if Dyson 308247-01 tower fan is worth investing in. We’ll give you our final verdict on whether or not this product will solve your cooling and air circulation problems.

Stay tuned for our in-depth review of the Dyson 308247-01 tower fan, and find out if this is the solution you’ve been searching for!

First Impressions

When it comes to finding a reliable and efficient tower fan, this fan is one product that stands out from the rest. As an expert in the field and having hands-on experience with a variety of tower fans, I can confidently say that Dyson has nailed it with this particular model.

At first glance, the sleek and modern design of the fan certainly catches the eye. It boasts a tall and slim frame that is sure to fit seamlessly into any home or office setting. The bladeless technology is integrated into the design, which adds to its overall aesthetic appeal and prevents any potential safety hazards.

But beyond its stylish appearance, this fan has a range of impressive features that make it stand out from other tower fans on the market. Firstly, it comes equipped with Air Multiplier technology, which provides a constant stream of uninterrupted airflow. This means that you can enjoy cool and comfortable temperatures throughout the day without any interruptions or fluctuations.

Additionally, the fan has a built-in air purifier that captures and traps 99.97% of allergens and pollutants that may be present in the air. This is particularly beneficial for those with respiratory issues or allergies as it ensures that the air they are breathing is clean and free from any harmful particles.

Another standout feature of the fan is the intelligent climate control feature. This function monitors the room temperature and automatically adjusts the fan’s speed and airflow to maintain a comfortable and consistent temperature. This means you don’t have to keep tinkering with the settings throughout the day, as the fan will do the work for you.

The remote control is also a handy addition, allowing you to change the settings without having to get up from your seat. This is especially convenient for those who use the fan in an office setting or for nighttime use when you don’t want to disturb your sleeping partner or family members.

Overall, the Dyson 308247-01 is a standout tower fan that is certainly worth the investment. With its efficient airflow technology, air purifying function, and intelligent climate control, it ticks all the boxes when it comes to finding a reliable and effective tower fan.

Customer Feedback and Ratings

When it comes to choosing a tower fan, there are many factors to consider. Some are focused on style, others on features, and still others on price. However, one factor that can’t be overlooked is customer feedback. The opinions of those who have actually used a product can be invaluable in helping others make purchasing decisions.

One tower fan that has received a lot of attention on Amazon is this fan. This fan has a variety of features, including oscillation, air filtration, and a sleep timer. It also boasts a sleek, modern design that sets it apart from other tower fans.

So, how does this fan stack up against other similar tower fans when it comes to customer feedback? To find out, we looked at a range of reviews on Amazon. Here’s what we found.

First, it’s worth noting that the fan has a higher price point than many other tower fans on the market. This may be a turn-off for some shoppers, but many reviewers felt that it was worth the extra cost for the quality of the product.

One area where the fan excels is in its ability to circulate air. Many reviewers noted that the fan was able to cool down a room quickly, even on the highest setting. Additionally, the oscillation feature was praised for ensuring that air was distributed evenly throughout the space.

Another standout feature of the Dyson 308247-01 is its air filtration capabilities. The fan uses a HEPA filter to capture dust, pollen, and other allergens, making it a great choice for those with allergies or respiratory issues. Reviewers appreciated the peace of mind that came with knowing that their fan was also improving their indoor air quality.

That being said, there were a few drawbacks to the Dyson 308247-01 that some reviewers mentioned. One common complaint was that the fan was a bit noisy, particularly on the highest setting. Additionally, some reviewers felt that the remote control was not very intuitive and could be difficult to use.

So, how does the Dyson 308247-01 compare to other tower fans on the market? Based on customer feedback, it seems that the Dyson is a solid choice for those who are willing to invest in a high-quality product. However, there are other options available at a lower price point that may be a better fit for some users.

Ultimately, the best tower fan for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a fan with advanced features like air filtration or simply want a reliable way to cool down a space, there are many options available on the market today. By taking the time to read customer feedback and compare different products, you can find the tower fan that’s right for you.

Benefits and Drawbacks


  • The Dyson 308247-01 tower fan has a sleek and modern design that can fit into any contemporary room aesthetic.
  • This tower fan has a powerful airflow that can cool down an entire room quickly.
  • With its bladeless technology, the Dyson 308247-01 tower fan is safe for households with children or pets, making it a safer option compared to regular tower fans.
  • The Dyson 308247-01 tower fan has a user-friendly digital display and remote control, making it easy to adjust its settings without having to manually operate it.
  • It boasts a quiet operation, making it ideal for bedrooms and even for office spaces where noise can be a distraction.


  • The Dyson 308247-01 tower fan comes with a high price tag compared to other tower fans available in the market.
  • Its narrow base can make it less stable compared to other tower fans, especially when placed on uneven surfaces.
  • It lacks oscillation, meaning it only provides direct airflow in one direction, which may not be sufficient for some users who want a more comprehensive cooling experience.
  • The Dyson 308247-01 tower fan may not be as energy-efficient compared to other tower fans, especially when used for long periods of time.
  • The filter on the Dyson 308247-01 tower fan may need to be replaced frequently, which can add additional upkeep costs over time.

Strongest Features

When it comes to tower fans, this fan stands out from the competition in a big way. Not only is it a sleek and stylish addition to any room, but it also boasts a number of impressive features that make it one of the most desirable tower fans on the market.

One of the standout features of the fan is its unique bladeless design. Unlike traditional tower fans, which use rotating blades to circulate air, the Dyson model uses Air Multiplier technology to draw air in the base and amplify it up through the body of the tower. This creates a powerful and consistent stream of cool air without the need for bulky blades that can be both noisy and dangerous.

Another benefit to the bladeless design is the ease of cleaning. Traditional fans with blades can be difficult to clean and accumulate dust and dirt over time, creating a less-than-ideal living space. With no blades, the fan is easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that it continues to operate at optimal performance.

In addition to its unique design, the Dyson 308247-01 also comes with a number of impressive features that help make it a top-tier tower fan. With oscillation, sleep timer and 10 airspeed settings, the fan can be adjusted to fit any comfort level or room type. Plus, the included remote allows easy control from across the room, making it simple to customize the fan settings on the fly.

But perhaps one of the most impressive features of the Dyson 308247-01 is its ability to purify the air while it cools. The fan includes a built-in HEPA filter that captures 99.97% of allergens and pollutants, ensuring that the air you breathe is clean and healthy. This makes the Dyson 308247-01 not just a great choice for cooling, but also for improving the overall air quality in your home.

So, what would make a consumer want to purchase the Dyson 308247-01 over other tower fans? Quite simply, it’s the combination of unique features and impressive performance. With its bladeless design, customized user settings, and air purifying capabilities, the Dyson 308247-01 is simply unmatched in the world of tower fans.

In conclusion, if you’re in the market for a top-tier tower fan that is guaranteed to provide powerful and consistent airflow, as well as improved air quality, then the Dyson 308247-01 is definitely the way to go. Its unique design, customized features, and unmatched performance make it a must-have for any consumer who values comfort, convenience, and quality.

Is It Worth Purchasing?

If you’re in the market for a new tower fan, this fan may have caught your eye. The sleek design and unique features are certainly attractive, but is it worth the investment?

To help answer that question, we turned to Amazon’s customer reviews. With over 1,000 reviews and an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, it’s clear that many consumers are happy with their purchase.

One of the standout features of the Dyson 308247-01 is its bladeless design. Instead of traditional fan blades, the Dyson uses Air Multiplier technology to create a powerful stream of air. Reviewers rave about how quiet the fan is, even on the highest setting, and many appreciate the lack of choppy air flow.

Another popular feature is the ability to control the fan via remote or the Dyson app. This is a particularly attractive option for those who want to turn the fan on before they even enter the room. Reviewers also appreciate the various oscillation and tilt options, making it easy to direct the airflow exactly where you want it.

However, the Dyson 308247-01 does come with a hefty price tag. While many reviewers feel that it’s worth the investment, some feel that there are more affordable options that provide similar functionality. Additionally, a few reviewers mentioned that the LED display on the fan can be quite bright and may disrupt sleep.

Overall, it seems that the Dyson 308247-01 is a high-quality tower fan that is well-loved by many. The unique features, such as the bladeless design and remote control options, set it apart from other tower fans on the market. However, the high price point may not be feasible for everyone, and some may prefer a more affordable option.

Ultimately, whether or not the Dyson 308247-01 is worth purchasing will depend on your individual needs and budget. If you prioritize a quiet fan with precise airflow control and don’t mind spending a bit more, the Dyson may be the right choice for you. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, there are certainly other tower fans that can offer similar functionality at a lower price point.

Frequently Asked Questions

How loud is the Dyson tower fan?

The Dyson tower fan produces very little noise as compared to other fans in its category. With a noise level ranging from 42 to 64 decibels, the Dyson fan ranks amongst the quietest fans in the market. For reference, whispering is typically measured around 30 decibels, while a normal conversation is around 60 decibels. This makes the Dyson tower fan ideal for use in a bedroom or office environment where quietness is of utmost importance.

Does the Dyson tower fan have a remote control?

Yes, the Dyson tower fan comes with a remote control that can be used to operate the fan from across the room. The remote control allows users to turn the fan on and off, adjust the speed and oscillation, and set the timer for up to 8 hours. Additionally, the remote control is magnetized, which means that it can be easily attached to the top of the fan, ensuring that it does not get lost easily.

How powerful is the Dyson tower fan?

The Dyson tower fan is one of the most powerful fans available in the market. It is equipped with Air Multiplier Technology that allows it to generate an uninterrupted stream of smooth airflow. Additionally, it offers 10 airflow settings that users can choose from and an oscillation angle of up to 350 degrees, ensuring that it effectively cools any room. With its powerful motor, the Dyson tower fan can circulate air at a rate of up to 1300 cubic feet per minute, making it ideal for large rooms.

Can the Dyson tower fan be used outdoors?

No, the Dyson tower fan is designed for indoor use only. The fan is not weather-proof and can get damaged if exposed to water, humidity, or direct sunlight. Additionally, outdoor use can cause blockages in the fan’s airways, which can affect its performance and reduce its lifespan. Therefore, it is advisable to keep the Dyson tower fan indoors and away from moisture or direct sunlight.

How easy is it to clean the Dyson tower fan?

The Dyson tower fan is very easy to clean. Its sleek design and lack of blades make it easy to dust compared to other traditional fans. The fan comes with a remote control that can be easily wiped with a damp cloth. Additionally, the fan’s blades can easily be wiped clean with a dry, soft cloth. For maintenance, the fan’s airways can be cleaned using a soft-bristle brush or a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. The fan also has a filter that can be removed and washed, ensuring that it fan is free from dust and allergens. Overall, the ease of cleaning makes the Dyson tower fan a low-maintenance unit to have in your home.


Tower fans have become quite popular over the years, owing to their portability and space-saving designs. With the summer season upon us, many households are on the lookout for the perfect tower fan to keep them cool during the hot months. In this review, we will take an in-depth look at this fan – a popular contender in the tower fan market.

One of the most significant selling points of this fan is its sleek and modern design. It boasts a bladeless fan that is both aesthetically pleasing and safe for households with children and pets. The fan has a 70-degree oscillation feature that spreads cool air throughout the room evenly.

With a height of 40 inches, this tower fan is also portable and easy to move from room to room. It has ten airflow settings, allowing users to customize the fan’s strength to their liking. The Dyson 308247-01 also comes with a remote control, making it easy to adjust the settings from the comfort of your couch or bed.

Additionally, the fan has a sleep timer that can be set for up to nine hours, making it perfect for those who love to fall asleep while listening to the sound of a fan. This tower fan also has a Nighttime mode that dims the LED display to prevent any disruption to sleep.

One feature that is worth mentioning is the Dyson link app, which allows you to control the fan directly from your phone. This app lets you access additional features such as scheduling the fan to turn on at a specific time and tracking the air quality in your room.

Overall, the Dyson 308247-01 is a high-quality tower fan that offers a wide range of features not found in other tower fans. However, with its premium price tag, it may not be an option for budget-conscious consumers.

If you are looking for a tower fan that is more affordable without sacrificing quality, we recommend the Honeywell HYF290B. This tower fan has a slim design and a powerful fan that provides excellent cooling for medium-sized rooms. It comes with eight-speed settings, auto shut-off timer, and a remote control, making it easy to control from across the room.

In conclusion, the Dyson 308247-01 is an excellent option for those who are willing to invest in a premium tower fan with advanced features. The bladeless design, ten airflow settings, and Dyson link app make it easy to customize and control the fan to your liking. However, for those who are not willing to spend a high price on a tower fan, the Honeywell HYF290B is a great alternative.

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