Dreo DR-HTF002 Tower Fan With Remote

Dreo DR-HTF002 Tower Fan With Remote

Although there are many brands of fans on the market, not all of them can guarantee a smooth delivery of the Dreo Tower fan with a remote. This oscillating tower fan with remote is a smart choice. Dreo products have always checked the necessary boxes and this fan performs no less.

The comfort zone is called that because it is where you find comfort. And if you are not ready to let go of your comfort zone, this fan is a choice you will like to make. It comes with a remote and timer feature that lets you control it from your comfort zone. It is built with durable materials and guaranteed to give you an impressive ROI. This is arguably one of the most powerful tower fan out there.

This article reviews the Dreo Tower Fan and answers all the questions you might possibly have on it. It provides ample information on its specs, features, and benefits as well as other necessary information.

Dreo Tower Fan with Remote, 90° Oscillating Bladeless Fan

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Product Properties

Oscillating Degrees Range90 degrees
Remote Controlled?Yes
Voice Controlled?No
Noise Levelincreases with speed level
Height42 inches
Number Of Speeds6

Product overview

The Dreo Tower Fan comes with a remote that makes it convenient to use. You can manipulate the fan from any position, whether you are sitting, sleeping, or just not in the mood to move around. This bladeless fan comes with 6-speed levels and emits less noise as the speed level decreases. It features 3 modes, that is, sleep, natural, and normal. In sleep mode, the noise is almost unnoticeable, affording you a smooth night’s sleep.

This quiet tower fan with remote comes with LED light that enhances its practicality as you can use it under any lighting condition. This is one of the best cooling tower fans you can find in the market. It oscillates to a 90 degrees, delivering fresh air to every area of the enclosed space you are using it in.

The fan has a timing feature that lets you decide how long to leave it in a mode or speed level, all from your comfort zone. This fan is suitable for use in the home, office, kitchen, and even the dorm. The fan tower is designed to take less space, making it suitable for any small enclosed space.

Features of Dreo Tower Fan with remote

The Dreo Tower Fan has some features that make it a smart choice of the tower fan to buy:

3 modes

The fan features 3 modes, that is, sleep, natural, and normal. When on sleep mode, it lets out less noise. You can set it on automatic mode and let it maintain your desired temperature. In automatic mode, the fan will regulate itself when there is a change in temperature, thereby maintaining a comfortable temperature for you.

6 Speeds levels

You can choose any one of 6-speed levels depending on what serves you best in any situation. This feature enhances your comfort and affords you some style and sophistication.

Remote Control

This feature lets you operate the fan from anywhere you are up to 26 feet distance. You can conveniently change the speed level, mode and even set the timer without leaving your comfortable space.

LED Display

The LED display on this fan makes it easy to use under low light conditions. The LED light will dim when in sleep mode. It enhances the fan’s practicality and sophistication.

Generous Oscillation

This fan is designed to oscillate to 90 degrees, supplying air generously to every corner of the room. You can regulate the fan’s speed level as the air gets to every part of the room.

Benefits of using Dreo Tower Fan with Remote

Here are some benefits you enjoy when you buy this fan:


User satisfaction is guaranteed with this fan. This Dreo tower fan is designed to oscillate 90 degrees, getting air to every corner of the enclosed space it is used in. This fan is suitable for the hot weather when staying indoors becomes difficult. It does the job it is built to do well.

Versatile Usage

No one wants to spend money on a fan that they can only in limited spaces. This fan is designed to serve you in the office, home, living room, and even in your bedroom. It is built to handle any degree of temperature. If your kitchen gets hot with the frying and cooking, you need a Dreo tower fan in there. You can also use this tall fan to get the smell out of your space. Setting it at medium to high speed, you can be sure to get fresh air circulating your space in no time.

Conserves Space

This modern tower fan is designed to save you space. It is a floor fan that can fit into a tiny space, leaving the rest of your space available for you. This design makes it usable in the kitchen, bedroom, and even tiny offices.

Easy to Use

With the features of this fan and the practicality to it, one will think it is difficult to use. However, this fan is easy to operate, even the first you handle it.

Pros and Cons


  • Comfortable and convenient
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile
  • Generous air flow
  • Takes less space


  • Noise level increases with speed level

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Dreo Tower Fan with remote effective in a large space?

Yes. The Dreo Tower Fan featured 6-speed levels and a 90-degree oscillation range. When set on medium to high-speed level, it can cool a large area as the air gets to every corner of the room.

Is the Dreo Tower Fan with remote noisy?

The noise on the Dreo Tower Fan increases as the speed level increases. When set on sleep mode, the noise reduces a great deal, affording you a peaceful sleep.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The Dreo Tower Fan with remote performs optimally and efficiently delivers airflow. It is built for longevity and designed for comfort. It functions impressively without coming short of style and sophistication.

If you are looking for a fan that lets you relax and maintains your temperature preference, this is one choice you will not regret making.

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