Battery Operated 4 Speeds Desk Camping Fan

Battery Operated 4 Speeds Rechargeable Camping Fan

Sometimes our office can get cold and needs some air, and most of the time using the Air conditioner can be loud on our body. This is the time some office occupants needs something within their control, something small yet powerful that can produce a considerable amount of air at a glance.

This is the time you need the Battery Operated Desk Fan with Timer: a portable table fan designed with so much simplicity yet out-performs its likes. Measuring 9 inches in height, this rechargeable table fan can still rotate up to 360°, something you won’t see in a fan of this size.


Light Weight

This fan is just 9 inches in height and weighs only 2.42 pounds in total body weight. It also measures ‎10.04 x 10.04 x 5.67 inches in total size. So, this means in essence that it is very mobile: as in, you can easily move it around – it can be moved from office to home. ‎

360° Rotation

Unlike most table fans like it, the Battery Operated Desk Fan gives you a 360° rotation. This means you won't have to bother about moving to a particular angle in the room before you can feel the whole impact of the air from the fan.

Quiet Function

One unique part of the Battery Operated Desk Fan is its quiet mode of operation: it comes with a noise capacity of 60dB. Even when it dispenses the most gentle breeze, you can hardly hear any sound emanating from the fan, except if you come closer. Even at that, the only sound you get to hear is that of a gushing breeze.

4 Speed Level

You can level the fan's speed up to level 4; that way, it will maintain the natural speed of any fan.

A Two System Ports

Battery Operated Desk Fan has two charging ports: Type-c and Micro-USB and measures 5V/2A responsive. This charging system also enables it to charge within 4.3 hours.

A Display Timer

The display timer on this fan makes it possible for users to read the information about the fan. It helps them understand the fan's current status, e.g., energy-saving capacity, auto shut down timer, etc.

5200mAh Rechargeable Battery

This fan is 100% domesticated; its primary energy source lies in its 5200mAh battery cell, with fast-

Metal Blades

This fan comes with an 8 inches metal blade that propels the powerful, gentle breeze that gushes out of this fan.

Fast Charging

Battery Operated Desk Fan comes with a fast-charging feature that enables it to get fully charged within 4.4 hours, and it is expected to work as long as 15 hours when fully charged.

Pros & Cons




It comes with a 360° Rotation

Because this fan comes with a 360° rotation, you won’t have to be at a particular side of the room before you can enjoy the convenience that emanates from the air it brings.

Fast Charging

With the fast charging feature that comes with this fan, you won’t have to worry about spending long hours charging it.

Powerful Blades

You will get to enjoy the noiseless yet powerful breeze that emanates from this fan, courtesy of the speed metal blades that comes with it.

4 Speed Level

You will get to enjoy the four speed level on this fan. Each step in the speed is designed to give you another level of natural breeze.


Camping is always a good experience if you take the right equipment with you, and taking the Battery Operated Desk Fan should make the top of your list. There are still a few precautions you need to take to make the best out of this fan. Make sure that it is not exposed to the rain; again, the fan comes with the necessary hooks for hanging it; you won’t have to bother about drilling more holes and looking for hooks. And try to be close by when charging it to avoid getting it overcharged.

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