Dr. Prepare DDF-08KDF3-JP Tower Fan Review

Dr. Prepare DDF-08KDF3-JP Tower Fan Review

Dr. Prepare DDF-08KDF3-JP Tower Fan

The Dr. Prepare Tower fan is a sleek product which offers some great features and specifications. Buyers who want a fan with great design and simple settings should get it.

However, be warned that though this product is ideal and is affordable, it shouldn’t be compared with high-end Tower fans.

This tower fan works better when used with an air conditioning system. Fans disperse air with less energy, therefore with good use, tower fans help reduce your electricity bills.

This article is an in-depth overview of Dr. Prepare Tower fan, its specifications, unique features, benefits of using the fans and the pros and cons of this tower fan.

Product Properties

Brand Dr. Prepare
Oscillating degrees range 60 degrees
Remote controlled Yes
Voice controlled Yes
Air flow 75 cfm
Noise level Less than 55 dbl
Height 16 inch
Number of Speeds Three speed

An overview of the Dr. Prepare Tower fan

The Dr. Prepare Tower fan is a compact fan which was primarily built for office desk and nightstands. This is a perfect cooling solution for your living room, study and bedroom.

It is the most powerful tower fan among its peers and can do what most tower fans of its caliber cannot do. This tower fan allows users to change their speeds as they like with a simple touch.

It was made with the right material which enables It last longer than other fans. You will love this tower fan because of its cooling motors and transmissions, which is an excellent solution to dry people and make them comfortable.

 This fan suits people who have humidity problems because it disperses air and maintains clean ventilation for rooms with excessive heat.

Unique Features of the Dr. Prepare Tower Fan

This amazing tower fan has some amazing features which include :


This is a unique feature which ensures proper air movement while delivering clean airflow in a stuffy environment. Its 3 speed options which includes low – medium – high allows a great cooling experience to combat heat.


The Dr. Prepare Tower fan has an oscillating feature where you can just press the swing button to oscillate the whole room for about 120 degrees. This allows a smooth breeze to circulate around the room for a suitable cooling experience.

Auto-off Timer

This tower fan comes with three timer features which include 2H,4H, and 8H. This allows it to circulate muggy air effectively at night for a better ventilated environment. Asides this time feature, it is also a quiet tower fan with remote access which you can use from anywhere in the building.

Better Energy Efficiency

This fan comes with a 16W motor, which creates a flow of powerful air, without exerting much energy.

Pros & Cons



Benefits of using Dr. Prepare Tower fan

This tall tower fan comes with some amazing benefits which makes it important for homeowners, they include 

Easy to use

Operating the Dr Prepare Tower fan is simple, because it comes with a manual that can be understood easily. The instructions to use the fan are simple.


The portable size of this tower fan makes it easy to fit into any environment. You can use them at home, office or any place of choice.


Are you looking for a quality tower fan which is cheaper than close substitutes? Then choosing this Tower fan by Dr Prepare is a great idea.

It cost less than $100 which is considered cheaper than other options. Moreover, this tower fan is heavily sought after because of its price and great quality.

Saves space

If you are running low on space and would like to conserve some limited space, using this tower fan is your best bet. It is portable and offers great service despite its height. This tall fan does not consume too much space and adapts easily to small rooms.


People looking for an excellent tower fan which works efficiently for all homes will be happy using this fan. This modern tower fan performs well to its optimal capacity.

Easier to clean

Maintaining this tower fan is easy because its parts can easily be detached and clean separately. You can maintain and care for this fan with water and a piece of fabric.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Dr Prepare Tower fan can help save some electricity bills because it has energy efficient features. Like other cooling tower fans, this Dr. Prepare Tower fan offers a good way to save the cost of electricity bills.

Yes, it can blow air around a wide area, however it isn’t recommended for big rooms. The blades of the Dr. Prepare Tower fans are short and have a limited airflow to blow, however it performs well in close quarters.

Dr. Prepare Tower fan is a very strong tower fan because it is made from durable materials. However, it is best if it is maintained properly using cleaning materials to prolong its life span.

Conclusion and Recommendation

This overview has discussed an in-depth review of the Dr. Prepare Tower fan and list its features. Moreover, you can see the numerous benefits attached to this Tower fan by Dr Prepare and some cons that come with it.

I will recommend buying the Dr. prepare Tower fan, because it provides a nice cooling airflow and comes at an affordable price.

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Lasko 2535 52” Oscillating Pedestal Fan Review

The Lasko 2535 52” Oscillating Pedestal Fan is one of the best fans which you can use in the house. This fan is easy to maneuver and provides three different fan modes. The Lasko model is aesthetically designed, which makes it appealing to the eyes and portable for those with limited space.

This article will discuss the specifications of this Pedestal Fan, its features and functionalities, the benefits of using the Lasko 2535 52” Oscillating Pedestal Fan, and other relevant information about the product.

Lasko 2535 52" Oscillating Pedestal Fan

Check Reviews and Price

Product Properties

Brand Lasko
Model 2535
Oscillating Degrees range Widespread oscillation
Remote control Yes
Voice controlled Yes
Air Flow 2,500 cfm
Noise level 51 dB
Height 52 inches
Number of speeds 3

 An Overview of the Lasko 2535 52” Oscillating Pedestal Fan

The Lasko 2535 52” Oscillating Pedestal Fan is one of the biggest Pedestal fans in the Lasko models. This makes it highly popular among pedestal fans, which people seek.

 It comes with powerful speeds, a flexible height of up to 52”, and remote control. These remote control features allow you to control all the settings at your fingertips. If you are worried about your limited space, this excellent fan can save you space at home or in the working arena.

This Tower fan is known to produce high-quality performance, soothing, cooling experience, and the price is under $100. If you want to move it around, the design makes it easy, and also you can change the cooling direction using the tilt-back feature and flexible height.

Unique Features of the Lasko 2535 52” Oscillating Pedestal Fan

 This is the best Lasko tower fan, and it comes with some great features like:

Optional Oscillation

This is among the best Oscillating tower fans, which allows great airflow around the room. You could activate these settings by using the button on the fan or the remote control.

Directional Louver

The 2535 Pedestal fan also comes with louvers, which allow you to direct the fan up or down depending on your immediate needs.

Remote control

This quiet fan comes with a user-friendly control that allows you to choose the speed settings, sleep settings and activate the oscillation feature.

Built-in Carry Handle

 It comes with a carry handle which permits you to carry it from one point of your location to another.

Benefits of using the Lasko 2535 52” Oscillating Pedestal Fan

 Here are some reasons why the advantages of using the Lasko 2535 52”:

Limited Space

 An important merit of using this tall fan is that it’s portable and doesn’t take too much space in your home. It takes less space than other Fan towers but its power is great.


 Another critical merit of the Lasko Pedestal Fan is that it is light. You can move it from one room to another. This maneuverability makes it great for additional ventilation.

Offers different Fan modes

This Lasko 2535 52” offers various types of fan modes, which allows you to choose the one you need. The fan modes are high, medium and low, which changes the fan speeds.

This allows users to have better control over the cooling temperatures. There is an RPM (rotation per minute) that makes you increase the power.

 Stylish Design

The Lasko Tower fan has a way of adding a touch of style to your house. There are different colors and finishes to choose from like metallic, plastic, and black which stand out in your room.

Swing Option

This Fan has a great swing feature where you can pick if you want the fan to oscillate back and forth. This makes the breeze to be evenly distributed around every section of the room.


When seeking an affordable and cool fan to keep you happy during summer, choose the Lasko 2535 52 inches Oscillating Pedestal Fan. All the models are within your budget and of great quality.


This is the most powerful tower fan around and lasts long. Although, it looks slim; it is strong and with proper maintenance lasts well.

It enhances the AC system

 This Pedestal Fan helps spread the cool AC air to all sections of your house. Most AC have limited air flow and at times require the right cooling Tower fans to spread air around the house. This Lasko fan is a modern tower fan which boosts the AC system.

Energy Efficiency

 With the ever increasing electricity bills around the world, using the right Pedestal Fan, which doesn’t consume energy , is important. The Lasko Pedestal Fan helps limit your light bills.

Pros and Cons


  • Very Affordable Pedestal Fan
  • Simple to assemble
  • Easy control settings
  •  Comes with a remote control
  • A very light and portable Tower fan
  •  Very broad oscillation feature
  • Provides cool air in a confined area
  • Works well with the AC system.


  •  The cord is short
  • The fan parts are mainly plastic. The high settings are loud
  •  The remote doesn’t come with batteries
  • Slim air settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Lasko 2535 52” Oscillating Pedestal Fan come with a swing feature?

Yes, the fan comes with an Oscillating feature which makes it better than a ceiling fan. This’ Swing feature’ allows the fan to distribute air around the room evenly.

How Portable is the Lasko 2535 52” Oscillating Pedestal Fan?

 The tower fan is portable and can be moved easily from one part of the house to another. You just need to get the right electrical supply box for the fan.

Is the Lasko 2535 52” Oscillating Pedestal Fan affordable?

 Yes, the Tower Fan is cheap and falls within the budget of many people. At under $100, it is a steal!

Conclusion and Recommendations

 We have done a detailed review of the Lasko 2535 52” Oscillating Pedestal Fan by listing all its features, advantages and some of the drawbacks expected. Should you buy this fan? Here is our recommendation.

 If you want a good Pedestal Fan that fits into your room and comes on a budget, then you should buy the Lasko 2535 52” Oscillating Pedestal Fan . It doesn’t make much noise, is very portable and has a great design.